Opening a martial arts school

Hey all i could use some assistance in what spirits to work with on a particulary task.
Quick background info. Ive been involved in martial arts for over 20 years and been teaching aswell for most part of that time. In Sweden where i live most type of sports are run by voulunters and wery few make a living from being a teacher. Ive run schools before so thats no issue i know what to do and such but whats new is that this time i would like to bring some patrons demons to watch my back(;
The goal now is to get a place for this school and i know what place i want and ill see If its available.
What i need the demons help with is basicly 3
1 help me get the space i need for a fair rent.
2 help attract ppl and thus creating the financial means necessary to run the school.
3 General assistance with bureacracy.

Top of the head i get the idea od Azazel and Belial.
Any thoughts on the matter would be great.

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IMO if you are looking for spirits to help with something that is involved in a certain culture calling the spirits of that culture can be invaluable like this God of martial arts

He may not be the one to help you but you never know someone in that pantheon might

What about a ninja or a samrie entity, i thought about another for of Marshal arts, what about try and train mind using supernatural ability ( telekinesis a way using mind to hit objects, set up a marshal arts wooden training horse like the ones marshal arts students train and try to focus you minds essence to hit the marshal arts wooden object same way they train in marshal arts, first step will be the hardest, keeping mind pura, if accomplished should be able to use marshal arts supernaturally like a invisible marshal arts black belt attacking you enemy, but instead the mind is doing the hitting.

Also like sitting down and visualize a enemy is being attacked by supernatural marshal arts, i gave it ago , so what i did i viualised a enemy on his own by himself, no one around, i was viualised my mind is performing marshal arts on him with very fast fullon hits making enemy fly across room at black belt level.

Well as a traditional kung fu school i would use general quan yu for this in school but for the process i may use demon but that said i see no reason not to work with chinese deitys since there is a fair bunch.

Well bowling for your idea that has honestly nothing to do with what i asked for.
There is ”secret” trainings in martial art but the things you described today few ppl would be dedicated to put in the time to learn it and besides there is way easier things to do.
There is easier for me to punch someone in a face them knockong someone over with my chi and teaching someone to kill with a punch takes 5 min learning to do it with chi will take decades.

Thank you, it was only a idea.

I agree with those, and i think most will agree to those.
I’d also call on a War God, like Ares from Greek pantheon or

  • Abigar – Can foretell future and give military advice.

Well, here’s a complete list,

maybe one of them suits the task especially well for you,
maybe you even want to dedicate the school towards one of them.
(i think having a Patreon Deity to preside over the school may be beneficial in the long run anyway.)



Since your requests for help deal with finding a reasonable rental space and attracting finance to start a business and running a business I would recommend Bune.

Bune brings knowledge of how one becomes better and grow in experience and finance and can bring riches.

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Perhaps Halah’thor, from the Book of Azazel.


Some great suggestion i will look in to them and see what i think will be best.

So i wanna bring a little update on this thread and where im at right now with this.
After suggestions, more reaserch, meditation and asking the spirits for guidance it boiled down to a cooperation with Belial, Azazel and Bune.
What i asked for was help getting a place for the school, help with any sort of legal matters and finaly help brungult ppl there so the school will sustain itself financialy (im not in it for profit).
As thanks for their assistance they will be given praise, offerings and incense.
Did this in the beginning of december, by the end of december my sifu called me and said hed been asked by another martial arts school If they had a group in our city that wanted to share a space for a school.
Short story i meet up with them and we looked at the place and decided to be partners and share the space. Location in the middle of town to clear out part of the rent it will need 20 students.
So place taken care of.
Legal and stuff taken care of.
Now only waiting for the last part the students so im hopefully for next tuesday when we open the doors.

Now as for my promise to Belial, Azazel and Bune, i asked If i could hide their sigils in the hall and that would be ok for them.
Do now their sigils are painted under the final paint coats on the school alter, they are on the divine section with Guan You. Even with the paint there covering the sigils i can still ”see” them and everytime incense and offerings is left on the alter which is a1 a week i will fullfill my promisses and im sure they will honour their part of the deal.