Open for business

Well everyone I’m officially open for business. After a long deliberation and a hard choice in business names The Wandering Fool’s Spiritual Supplies and Services is ready for customers (McFuckinstuff’s Magiporium while rolling off the tongue, just didn’t convey the message I was looking for.)

For those that are interested cn check out my current offerings here:

Check out my Facebook page and be sure to give it a like, I’ll be debuting upcoming items and services as well as offering giveaways and free readings.

I thought I’d bring up some of the upcoming items I’ll be offering.

-Custom Pendulum boards
-Custom Ouija boards
-Permanent Sigils, some ritually charged and bound with the spirit they represent
-Hand made soaps, lotions and oils infused with botanical essential oils known for their spiritual properties for a variety of things (prosperity, clarity, love/lust, tranquility etc)
-Sangoma bone readings
-Candles loaded with herbs for specific ritual/spiritual goals.

Thought I’d throw this out and see what you guys think.

nice! I like handmade occult stuff :slight_smile:

Definitely interested in the Permanent Sigils and candles. I’ll keep an eye on your store looking for them.

I would like to start by saying that all services I have acquired from TWF have been 100% accurate and on point. I had a free card reading, rune cast, and bone reading. I have had one paid card consultation also. I was asked to try out a sample of soap that he offers. There are varied blends and combinations can be made. The one I chose is a combination of healing and protection. The bar was a decent size. It had a very nice smell to it, and the design on top from the moulding was very well done. It has a very creamy texture and lather. Quite refreshing for the skin and it did cleanse well. I did notice shortly after bathing that I had a peaceful and calm feeling, even when thinking of things that generally are unpleasant. I have used the soap twice now and definitely recommend it. They would also make great gifts for people that are not even into the occult, but enjoy hand crafted or homeopathic items. Thanks again TWF!

Thank you for the kind words Sinata, they are much appreciated.

They would also make great gifts for people that are not even into the occult, but enjoy hand crafted or homeopathic items.

I’m actually working on a few blends so people can influence others without their knowledge. These are great vehicles for contact or contagion magick. I’m making some to help keep ones significant other calm yet passionate, a blend to make one stop gossip or using hurtful words towards you as well as one to compel one to your wishes or to favor you.

As soon as I figure out a blend that doesn’t smell like its meant to cause harm I’ll have a baneful blend so you can “gift” one or give your enemies a “peace offering”.

If you want permanent sigils contact me on my Facebook page
I will only be offering certain sets of sigils on my store such as the Gate Keepers and some of the Demonic Kings, all others are made on demand. The customer can also choose to have them stained and sealed or left unfinished so they may consecrate them how they see fit.

I will have candles ready by Spring.


EDIT: Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza etc. etc.

Here is a sample of the sigils I offer. These are currently unstained and unsealed so that they may be consecrated in the manner the practitioner sees fit.

I offer two sizes 4" circles are $10 each or four for $30, 8" circles are $20 each or 4 for $70. I will stain and seal them at no extra charge if requested.

I’ll put a pic of some stained and sealed ones a little later.


Just added you to my Etsy Favorites…

waiting for you to add the listing above to your shop inventory as I have a few items in my cart.

Nice work James


Would you prefer these or the sigils EA used in BOA? If you want these I can have them added to the store first thing in the morning or we can handle this through pm, your choice. Would you like them stained or natural as shown in the picure?

Sigils EA used in BOA (come to think of it, those large black Sigil blocks, four I believe, seen on his Dixie College evocation video for each king)

stained in black if possible with the woodwork lettering in red.

the above if at all possible. Let me know PM me. if agreed then send a price for my Etsy checkout


Sound doable, I’ll PM you and we can hammer out the details.

I’ve announced on my Facebook and elsewhere that I’ll be putting custom work off for about a month (possibly longer) I have some work on myself that I’m feeling pushed to pursue and have put it off as long as I could. I’ll still be selling sigils and other items on my store as well as readings so feel free to purchase an item or reading from there.

I’ll be sure to announce when I’ve returned to taking custom orders, to those who’ve supported my business many thanks.


Thought I’d throw this out there, from now through May 1st all phone/Skype readings are 50% off. US customers only due to time zone restrictions.

$10 for 15 minutes
$15 for 30 minutes
$25 for 1 hour

Now til May 1st 2014 all Rune readings are buy 1 get one free. Just ask 2 questions when you purchase your reading. You’ll receive both answers in a PDF and jpeg images of your castings


I am feeling Disappointed, to hear this James ! 'Cause, i am from around the world and would be very glade to have a reading from you !

If your willing to work on my time zone I’m willing to compromise. If interested pm me and we’ll hammer out details. I’ve done 2 readings for an international client so it’s workable but not always convienient for the client.

EDIT: For Clarification I was referring to Skype/Phone readings as far as US clients. If you want an email reading you could be on Mars for all I care, as long as you have a working email I CAN read for you.

Add me on Facebook TWF Deon van Wyk. i have about 620 contacts on my friends list. majority is of our nature the rest is just plain metalheads, advertise a little

Never mind i just invited all 620 people to your page

Much appreciated.

I advertise on etsy and let the forums know what I’m up to. I also do giveaways on my FB page periodically for people who like and share a post or just like my page. I try not to spam the forums with my stuff but just update a single thread or something like that.