Only BALG could believe this

Ok, so I just had a conversation with an alien, telepathetic, and it lasted a full 5 seconds but felt like hours. Some of what stuck in my mind was an alliance being made between myself and this species. The basics of it is we are seen as a potential threat. I explained what is going on here and how many are on our way to ascention, which is a well known thing amongst this species. This was and is the game changer.

Our species is being represented by the worst most greedy and inhuman sociopathic narcissistic people the human race has to offer. I told them that the mass majority sees these that are running the show as complete inhuman criminals and should not be considered a representation of our species. I asked why they communicated with me and it’s because they also are void chaos worshipers and to them we are kin because of our realization of the truth.

Our elites are going to false flag an alien invasion, but this is where it’s going to get interesting. They told me that with their technology they will interfere with the false flag and effectively subdue the man made alien invasion, they will depower the crafts and they will all fall to the ground. This alliance is for us, the acending. Ascention is considered their most sacred goal and as such is willing to assist us as we are seen as the intelligent beings on the planet.

Modern humans are not considered intelligent but considered semi intelligent by this race the fact that they recognize us the few ascending is that they understand what we are all about and in their eyes we are the only beings on this planet with such goals in mind. We understand our own participation in evolution and that is the most special qualifying factor to give us aid in these times.

Due to our understanding and ability to communicate with them we are seen as a seedling race within the greater human collective set apart due to our unique position. It is a well known fact that most civilization destroy themselves before the reach this new level of advancement. Most species never reach ascention aspirations until technology is well developed yet our advancements in technology have been kept from us and we are over 100 years behind in technology that others already possess.

The few humans looking towards ascention are considered advanced and part of the intergalactic community. I was told to go to the others and bring the proposition so the group can democratically decide. Should we make this pact we enter into the intergalactic community and become a protected part of the community. We will be given authority for our group.

This is us as a group of new humans and we must become part of their community or else we are on our own. We must agree to the pact for help when the time comes. We are the new earth and as such we are in control of our relationship with the outside cosmos. The species I’m communicating with is so advanced that the vast majority of their being is made almost completely of electrical impulses held together by magnetic field and individual gravity.

Their technology is much as ours it comes from their being and not from something they built. I urge you all to reach out to them. You can see for yourself. We made it we made it into the intergalactic community because of our psychic prowess. We are considered the most advanced beings on the planet as of now. We made it into the community before the elite who actually have been warned time and time again. Our status in the community will grant us access to military defense against agressive semi intelligent species!

This means we have alien protection from the psychotic elite. After the combat and when the dust settles we will be given control of our planet and will finnaly be able to ascend in peace and comfort.
I now ask for a vote on our entrance into this community and I welcome all to reach out and let them know who we are and what we plan to do when we take our planet back. This is our one chance let’s not blow it eh?


I believe you, i tried to contact aliens to but I failed, I would like to success like you how you done that ? I was outdoor when I tried
If they choose you then mr Adam be my master.

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I’m always skeptical about so-called alien communication due to the amount of new age bullshit out there. Plus I have a hard time thinking anyone will save humans except humans. Fuck it, if this is real count me in. I’m too curious to pass it up lol


5 seconds huh? :smile:

This sounds a lot like what Dr. Steven Greer has been saying. He said that they were planning what he calls a “cosmic 9/11” in order to justify a whole new wave of military spending…and its probably how they will manage to coral the world under a one world government. He also talks about ascent into our higher selves and becoming ambassadors for our species. Apparently, a lot of technology, primarily the stuff concerning zero point energy (ie. free energy), has been black boxed and kept out of the public consciousness because it would threaten trillions in profits by wall street and the oil companies…and that is setting us back like 100 years, as you say. So yeah i believe you. @zer0rez i imagine all this will interest you as well. As for myself, sure, im in.





I also agree to enter to this community. Pass to them my possitive answer and my respects to them. This side show is enough, it’s time to go to the offensive against the elites. Normally, I would say that we should resolve this peacefully, however, this war will be the end of all other wars. I also have information that the war will soon start and we will win it. However, we need to be careful. Our powers will soon be very useful and once again, earth will become the same thing that was once it was created, the garden of knowledge and the place that everyone in the cosmos can come in peace.

I know it sounds a bit too much, however, this is the moment that we can make our goal a reality, to ascend in peace. Our courage will be of great use. If we, of the Balg community make the first steps, others will follow us. And not just humans, everyone wants for us to ascend so that we can have the peace that we all in the cosmos want. And trust me, the enemies will be shown no mercy as far as I know by many spirits.

To be truthful, we are here gathered for a reason and I believe everyone will agree to enter and will have a possitive vote, not that I want to answer for others, but I simply know that we all know that we need to ascend and we also know that what’s going on now isn’t right, everyone can feel that, even those who aren’t aware of the energies around them.

Btw, sorry for the long post, it’s just that we need to remember that we don’t have much time left and we need to act now.


I have some questions, if I may…

How do we know what these beings are saying is the absolute truth?

Who are they exactly? Do they have a name?

How do we go about making a pact with beings that we know little to nothing about?

What exactly are the terms of the pact?

I could keep listing them, however, this would be a good start. I’d say those that can communicate with the likes of Lucifer, Belial, etc, should probably reach out to these beings to ascertain the legitimacy of these alien entities. We need protections before we even think of entering into an agreement with any group of beings.


These entities are saying the truth because they have tried their best to help humanity before, although our “ambassadors” (aka. the elite) don’t want this and denied any help. Many people have communicated with them and said this but the elite did their best to say that these people are crazy because they couldn’t deny the existance of what has already been said. An example for this goes as follows:

Let’s say I’m one of the elite and I want complete control. And let’s say that you are someone who wants the good of the planet and you have been visited by aliens and gave you some kind of tech just to have evidence that you have been visited by them and to tell the world about my plans. What will I do? I can’t deny the existance of your sayings because if I do so the people will say “Yeah, but he has evidence, something happened he didn’t woke up and said that I will start lying to the whole world today, perhaps they’re lies but something has surely happened here” and so, they will believe him because I will have no evidence that something like that didn’t actually happend. BUT, if I say “Come oooon, aliens? Really??? Only children believe in that!!! This is real life not a video game…this man must be crazy to say that for real”, then the fake logic that made us have all these years will activate and we will simply say “Yeah, you’re right…” and we will start denying openly all other sayings like that one

As for if they’re saying the truth the answer is really simple. They are because only when the cosmos is in absolute peace we can achieve the same power that was used to create all. Then we will be completely perfected and will be at the top. However, we can do it only when everyone is in peace and right now the elite want war and earth has been closed off by those that would help us reach there. That’s why they are trying so hard to speak to us.

The agreement as far as I can imagine is this: We will be free to do as we will and we will have as much tech and info as we need, however, we will be members of this community and we will let them help us to protect ourselves if we ever need that. It’s an alliance based on the Law of love. This is a Law that all beings that have ascended follow. And we should start following that too.

I don’t know who they are because there are a lot of beings that want to help us, they are though members of that community and so it doesn’t matter which one of the members.

Being careful when it comes to them is natural because we have been trained by the elites (or whatever else you call them) to do so. I mean, they wouldn’t let us just get away since they have almost achieved their goal after all these milleniums of work. But it took them much time and we have now awakened, at least most of us. Search within you and you shall find the answer yourself.


The only thing that I would like to consider is, Does every other species share the same views as the ones you were in contact with?


While I cannot​manifest their UFOs just yet, tell them, they have our backs (me and my selves)

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AdamThoth will probably tell you the same thing as me now, which is this: it depends.

Not all species want this because some of them haven’t ascended yet and they don’t even know about the existance of other lifeforms in the cosmos (which is actually worse that us now).

Others do want to help us and these species are our allies.

And there are others who know about us but haven’t ascended yet because they choose the path of war and hatred. They will never ascend until they will be able to follow the Law. The third type of species who are like the elite or the reptilian race or some other races in the cosmos are not friendly but they are not in the community mentioned above.

Well, in my opinion, all will join sooner or later.


If you are not kidding. PM me how you reached out to them. This is too good to ignore.


Same here, actually


Sorry I had been in a very strange dreamlike surreal waking function and didn’t think about that, I’ll go back in and break it up for easier reading.


I read it already, I must say that was an interesting experience. Are you planning to try to contact more alien species in the future?

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Yes they very much encourage everyone to make contact.

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Why don’t you give us some ways to contact them? Sigils, or maybe some names.

I’m sure we could just try and connect through intention, but this way would be faster and more concrete.


Oh hell no! Half the Galaxy is hostile. These beings are well aware of the dangers species are to each other.

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I was doing my void meditation and I felt a greeting of sorts. I gave feelings of receptiveness and greeting as well then I felt a flow of information and when it was over I just felt as if I had spent a long time but when I looked at the clock it was only a minute past and I figured it takes about a minute for me to get in the void and it happened as soon as I got there. So I figured it was about 5 to ten seconds long. I asked why it contacted me and it said because it noticed me.


No I’m sticking with these guys for now because it just feels right.