Only ask for one thing with a sigil?

I read a lot of stuff from Archan publishing. They use spirit sigils.
Here is an example, today is Sunday so we will use the Sun/Michael

So you would write the name for Michael in Malachim and then mix it up into a sigil. Next you would write what you wanted in Malachim and mix that up into a sigil.
(mix = reduce it and then arrange the remaining symbols into something simpler and more pleasant to look at)

It is very clear that you should only ask the Sun/Michael for things under his rulership.
It also says that we can only ask for one thing with each sigil.
So if we wanted success, we would sigil for success in, say, winning the football game. But we wouldn’t ask to win the football game and be a seen as the hero so we can bang the cheerleader afterwards. Because that is two things, winning the game and getting the girl or boy,depending on what your preferences are.

Is it just angels that cannot handle two things at once, or is it spirits in general. Is it a spirit problem or is it a problem with splitting our attention. We have a mixed desire so the force is diminished.

I’ve been reading this too:

Other than the entity sigil, it seems like we don’t necessarily need to write out an intent statement. In my case I will, because my focus is not as good as an acccomplished magickians but it does not seem absolutely necessary.

Anyway, the real question is “why can’t entities walk and talk at the same time”?
Can they do both and this is more of a shortcoming of the practicioner?


it is not like that, a doctor can of course make soup but not as good as a all i mean is u can ask things that are not under his rulership they are not as effective as they totally can be.

thats not true you are making limitations for yourself , of course when u work with a particular spirit you can use same sigil for like entire year that doesn.t even matter.

see thats winning in a physical game , no one would just bang with you because you won. that requires a entire new entity for the lust you want them to have for you

just write a letter of intent , search the thread for it on this forum using the search function. it doesn’t require any sigil but you can just draw besides it.

some entities don’t believe in love lets assume , why would they help you with love then?

and of course some angels who wanna help people have happy life (maybe michael)he wouldn’t help you with baneful magic.
each spirit or entity has its own aspect.


The more moving parts the more likely something is to break, its much easier and simpler for all parties to lazer focus on one thing.


I’d say ask for one thing per ritual, but the can use the same sigil as many times as you want. It might even be beneficial. Watch this video from E.A:

You can go a whole lifetime just practicing, say, spirit magick, but when it comes to energy work it is entirely new to you. I also find people are naturally better at some forms of magick than others, usually due to their deep desires. So some are more skilled at love and influence magick, while others could be more skilled at binding or career and wealth workings.

But with that said, there are some spirits that are said to be able to grant you anything. The Angel Poiel and Archangel Metatron are said to be able to do so in certain circumstances. But they still have areas that they specialize in.
I also find each spirit works in a different flavor. One spirit may make someone go into a relationship with you by making them notice things that they like about you, while another may make them do so by making them feel as if they’d be lonely and miserable without you. So there’s also that matter of what method they prefer to use. I find they also tend to use what they specialize in.


Thank you for your great answers. Here is another newbie question.

When you do a sigilized intent statement, with a sigilized entity. Is it important that the intent be on the front and the spirit on the back or can they be side by side?

(I do my sigils on paper. So I take Inkscape and create the sigil in my computer so it looks good. Then I print it out with just an outline and I draw and color them by hand using whatever colors are correct for the entity (say blue lettering and silver background for Gabriel), then I scan it back into my computer)

Since they are scanned in, I can’t have intent on one side and entity on the other on a TV screen.

So I have been doing them side by side, projecting them onto my TV screen with Plex and reciting mantras while looking at them. I have a 27 bead mala that I go through 4 times. I have been doing that daily and when the moon hits full I will stop and get rid of the sigils.

Is this an effective method or should I be doing it different.

Also, I have one for Gabriel and one for Michael. One is for Gabriel and intuition and Michael is to help me be successful with learning Tarot.

Can I use 2 sigils at a time or is it better to use just one.

(i will watch that video in just a second, maybe it was answered in there, if so, my apologies)

Sounds more like you’re using a mixture of a chaos magick sigil technique or perhaps a petition. I’m not familiar with that method of using a spirit’s sigil.
Usually you use a spirit’s sigil to summon that spirit (sigil is Latin for Signature, it’s a way to connect easier with the particular spirit), then you give the spirit your request directly. Although I have heard of spirit sigils being used similarly to what you’ve been doing, but I feel the intent may be confused a bit when it’s used like that as you’re not incorporating it into your ritual.

Also, interesting that you ask Michael to help you learn Tarot. Why choose Archangel Michael for that particular thing?

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Just experiment until you find something that feels right for you. Their is no wrong way to work with sigils. Its whatever is best for the magickian.


Success. I wanted him to help me be successful with learning to read Tarot.

Anyplace I can find more stuff specifically on spirit sigils and other ways people are using them.

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Interesting interpretation. Although personally I’d suggest Archangel Metatron for this, as it’s more in his domain.

The book ‘The Master Works of Chaos Magick’ by Adam Blackthorne has a great ritual that you can use to work with any spirit through their sigil, and also shows how to get magick working and make it effective. Very powerful.
But for working with Archangels specifically I’d recommend the book ‘Archangels of Magick’ by Damon Brand, extremely powerful book that. I’d say it’s really a masterpiece.

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If you want to “itemize” your sigils I don’t see why not.

An advantage to that could be that an individual sigil could fail without necessarily effecting the other ones I imagine.

If you do, you may want to lookup “sigil shoaling”

They do have a working for Metatron. I will look at it and see. Thanks for the recommendations for books. I will look into them.

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About sigils?
I put a symbol of the Sun or Michael on one side of my sigil. (or right next to my intention sigil)
Next I put an intention (written in his script)
I make sure it is all simplified and pleasant to look at.
The intention sigil part is more of an AO Spare type sigil.
and the Michael sigil is more of an entity ype sigil.

Does this mean I get twice the bang for my buck?

What if I did not use Michael’s name in script, what if I use an Olympic spirits name instead?
What if I plot my intention on a planetary square, what if I used a Sun Kamea and then numeralized my sigil and drew it on that way and did not even use a Michael sigil. Would that leave Michael out of the equation or would using a planetary square include Michael and the Olympic spirit and I think there are a few other things associated with planets too. Would using the square call on all of them?

What I am wanting is to get my subconscious working on this and I want some entity assistance too. Is this the correct an acceptable way to go about this.
I need better sigils.

I made that metatron sigil for Tarot. It is better and it looks better too. (although my Metatron name is a little more complicated than I would like, but the Tarot intention simplified into a nice little sigil/symbol).

I think you’re way overthinking this dude.

It’s not chemistry.

It’s more like cooking. "Season to taste"

Follow your intuition and what it tells you. When it feels correct, execute, and fire away! :fire:


Unless the spirit you’re working with says something. Then you should probably listen.

I’ve had to RECIEVE instructions while I was doing something before. “Get this candle”, “incense”, “don’t do X”, etc.

Cause when you get someone else involved it becomes a joint venture and they may want a certain flair of their own.