Online sigil creation?

Anyone ever use anything like these?

There are a few sites that generally do the same kind of thing… You input your intent, target ect… and it generates a sigil from that. Pretty neat. I just wondered if anyone else had experimented with this kind of tech. I have personally to create links to targets that I don’t know personally or have photo’s of in lieu of visualisation.

I know most people here can probably channel their own sigils and would normally know what their targets look like but naturally that is not always the case. I’ve used these several times in conjunction with radionics and have had success from them so I am curious as I say to know if others have experimented with this stuff?

There are also apps and websites that allow you to create custom QR codes that I’ve also had success with using so again, curious if anyone else has played around with these kinds of things.

Peace! :slight_smile:


Nice, that’s fun to use as well :slight_smile:

As long as you hold your intention clearly while using the sigil it’s going to work, I have no doubt. It’s a handy focus for your mind and enjoyable to use in different ways, I use them a lot myself, but it’s the practitioner dong the work in the end.


Personally I mainly use them in conjunction with my machines. When I write the intention or target I focus on that before I hit the ‘create sigil’ button and in my mind that works the same as say a radionics rate. It’s a solidified abstraction from my mind that holds itself in a physical representation. After that point it’s the equipment that powers the abstraction (intention) and feeds it the life force in the same way as if I were to draw it out and open the seal myself. (I hope that makes sense).

Glad you found it cool though, I’m aware that the same result can be obtained by visualising target or intention and channeling your own sigil but I like these little cheat codes honestly :sweat_smile:

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Sigil Engine is a good one as well.


No no and No. The sigil creation has to do with channeling from the spirits and the channelor is the Altar where the spirit manifests. It is about a sacred bound. Do the sigils trough the kamea system, rosacross or do your own system using the full name at birth, aquired name through marriage and than all the rest of the alphabet :grinning: the last system is the most powerful.


I appreciate your response amigo and will read into your suggestions. But if your answer is a blanket no on these things then can you explain why myself (or anyone else who has) has had success with them? Forgive me if I sound rude it is certainly not my intention.

@Rav this was a reply to you also, I’m unsure why it didn’t tag it as such. I’m still working this site out.

I am most curious about the last system you mentioned, if you could elaborate on that a little more I would definitely appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the share, I actually prefer the one you shared to the one I shared in my original post. Many thanks!


For example 5x5 square or 6x6 with or without numbers let the spirits guide you

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It’s a bit personal but I only really work with spirits through invocation (and involuntary possession) these days, I mainly use radionics. I’m also unfamiliar with the creation of squares though I am aware their use and potency (I use them in radionics). But I still don’t see a differentiation to a structural link I create myself or a digitally generated sigil. For instance I can make a target or trend link with a series of numbers with no formulated structure involved. And I think I said I have no prior experience creating squares. To me if the thing I draw out (even as a scribble with intention behind it) represents my target or intention then it does exactly that. Again I’m not poking at you for the sake of it I’m just looking for a bit more elaboration. The spirits I tend to work with are cunts and are not helpful when it comes to creating systems. I’ve had to develop almost everything I know how to do on my own volition.


Interesting. I had always felt that the act of creating the sigil was an important part of imbuing the intention. But maybe not. I’ve just given this a try and will see how it plays out

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See I’ve thought the same in the past but since I’ve been using these with my radionics equipment I’ve come to the (personal) conclusion that it’s the purpose behind its creation that gives it its meaning.

Like… We give it meaning when we create it and then give it power when we open/ activate it.

(Note I don’t believe this of spirit sigils though I still use them in radionics)

A lot of this is opinion but I mean from my perspective if I make a random scribble whilst visualising a target or an intention KNOWING that the design means what I’m envisioning then it is almost as good a structural link as any other because it’s a solidified abstraction of what I’m visualising.

I hope that makes sense I’ve just woke up lol.

Have fun experimenting with the online ones though I’ve enjoyed using them for sure. Look forward to hearing how you get along with them.

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Nice, have you got many successful results from the online ones?

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Oh certainly. Most notably when I want to target multiple people for say a protection or when I don’t have a more tangible link to them per se (a photograph or a radionics rate I can base on a visualisation, say if I don’t know the person myself or what they look like or something like this). Also for baneful intent as well but I won’t say exactly what they were but I will say that yes I’ve had repeated success using them :slight_smile:

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I’ve yet to experiment with the one that @Veil shared but i find the style more resonant and don’t see any reason they would not work. I’ll play around with some of those over next week and let you know how I get on :slight_smile:


Excellent, so in baneful terms, was targeting multiple enemies at once as effective as targeting them individually?

Also just a side thought on wording. Lack of target feedback is a great problem for me when it comes to baneful work. It just occurred to me that this could be incorporated into the sigil wording.
So rather than something like “[name’s] career collapses” one could phrase it “I learn of the collapse of [name’s] career”.
That way, the request is to learn of the intended outcome having occurred, rather than just requesting the outcome. To learn of the outcome, the outcome would have had to occurred first.
So I’m wondering if this might be a handy hack to achieve both the objective and knowledge of it?


Yet to try on multiple enemies but since you have mentioned it I do have a set in mind to try this on so I will let you know there.

Regarding the wording thing relating to target feedback you make a good point and again I don’t see a reason that wouldn’t work. Perhaps a need to specify that you hear about it or discover it in waking life though so you don’t just get a dream or vision that could perhaps be misinterpreted. Though I’m not sure what current you work in personally there are a bunch of demons in the goetia that can help make things known to you. Though you’ve opened an interesting line for experimentation that I hadn’t actually considered.

It could even be the case that the wording you suggest (I learn of…) would be a more potent affirmation than just the intent itself because it’s worded in a way that is/assumes that the act is already complete.

I like your thinking haha you’ve given me plenty to consider myself for my own workings with these so thank you haha!

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Excellent point.

That’s the plan :slight_smile:

I’m going to attempt a second online sigil tonight. I’ll aim to do one each day for a week and then see how things play out over time. I am always keen to experiment with new methods.

Generally speaking (and I realise this will vary tremendously) what sort of time frames are you usually seeing with yours?

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Given that nowdays I pretty much work solely with power radionics things take effect pretty much as soon as I start to run an operation. But again this is a variable exclusive to myself. Apologies because you’ve caught me as I’ve awoken again.

I do look forward to hearing of your experimentation and results though definitely.

To follow on from the question you asked note that when I’ve finished working on another thing (due to my will towards other projects) the effects stopped. But like I say the baneful works I’ve done with these were very specific (inducing nightmares, hallucinations ect) the dementia I left one twat with is permanent however and I make that worse at my own will.

You’ll have fun with these I’ve got a good feeling about that

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Often the way of it with living in different time zones, its midnight here :slight_smile:

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