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So after weeks of talking to a guy, he decide to teach me stuff, he claims to be, shaman of generations, be in social media evebody can say all tey want, it was in 12 am. So he say im intermediate level, tru i dnt knw nothing of mwxican and South American agick. Anyway by 2 am i have tis feeling of fighting my brother then, i saw a snake or cocodrile skin tigjt hard to get tru above me, maybe asignal of give something,? Or the guy is a real shaman it was 232am wen awake. Weird dream. I gess be careful qho you afopt as a teacher’s.

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What’s the question?

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You just posted the question :smiley:



intermediate level? huh? I assume the question is asking if the guy is a real shaman, but shamanism isn’t “mexican or south american magick” shamanism is in many different places and we can’t tell you if he’s a real one and even then if you’re aiming to get into shamanism, I’d personally do research and maybe be initiated by a shamanic deity like Odin or Dagda.


Oh? Thought he might be wondering about the snake in his dream but again there was no real question to his post. It seems to me he’s expressing some regrets with his last sentence.

To OP: The dream could be just that. A dream. No one can tell you if he’s a real shaman as @Velenos said. I suppose you should know by know since you speak with him for weeks.

But need to correct you on something here. If he’s indeed who he says he is, you didn’t chose him, unless you pay him. He chose you. The student (unless he pays) never chooses the teacher, that’s just the impression he has. It is the teacher who valuates you and decides if he wants to pass his knowledge to you and not the other way around. If more people could get that we would have less arrogant neophytes running around claiming tons of crap.

Be a shaman yourself.
Watch Koetting’s youtube and look at what he’s doing. He can switch styles of thought and expression. He’s got a few artistic friends to help it look really good, and I think he’s basing things on philosophical archetypes and emotional elements.

The titles of the videos are chosen extremely well. If you watch several in a row, the algorithm will put more of them in your feed. It’s sort of like a tarot deck made from well made orative experiences.

He’s a fucking genius who got called a stupid asshole anytime he tried to do or say anything smart. School turned “Smart” into a curse word.

Religion isn’t a good place for spiritual people

Thanks for advice.