Online searchable entity database


Does anyone know of a website that’s a database of entities that is browseable, searchable? A phone directory of demons/angels/entities so-to-speak? If there is, I’m not finding it.

I resorted to scouring Wikipedia and Google to try to find demons that are known to help out with what I want to acheive.

I envision a browsable, searchable directory where you can filter by entity (demon/angel/etc), show only entities from a specific work (Lesser Key of Solomon, EA’s work, etc.) and what attributes you’re trying to find that entities have (entity that’s known to help with love, music, etc. etc. etc.) The results would show entity name, desciption, sigil, user feedback on their experience and results of evoking the entity, etc. In essence - the ultimate phone directory of who us humans here should contact on “the other side” for different purposes.

My questions to you are: does anyone know of a site like this? If not, do you think a site like this would be helpful to you and the spiritual community at large? I have a background in building commercial websites and it would be pretty straight forward to build it. And is there anyone that would be willing to work on it with me (either by giving feedback on what should be included or doing some hands-on work like creating graphics - I can code sites but I don’t do graphic design).



Oh wow. That’s fantastic. I’ve posted in that thread now. Thanks


Hello, Solarus!!
Well, Im not sure this is what youre looking for, but you might want to check this out:

Good luck with your search!!


Timothy and I are currently working on just this. Keep your eyes on our posts - we’ll have a fully searchable entity wiki containing entities from a myriad of grimoires in full production fairly soon. We’re going to need a lot of people to start doing some data entry, possibly as early as Monday. This is going to be a massive step for magick and spirituality, get excited! :slight_smile: dances several jigs repeatedly in a row