Online oracles and readings

Just out of sheer curiosity, what are your thoughts on Online oracles, yes/no answers , or tarot readings…

  Is it possible to get anything accurate out of such things, a friend and I were talking about it earlier today..

Thank you as always,

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I have a couple of people here on BALG give me a Tarot Reading. It was very accurate in my case. It perfectly described my current situation and what I might do to improve it.


Oh I meant more along the lines of web pages that have yes/ no oracles or online tarot readings that are automatic by the page or program itself?


I fell those to be more bullshit in my case. It’s simply stacking words together until it sounds good.


Some people have said that tarot apps are surprisingly accurate. I myself only get somewhat accurate results with a physical deck and better yet physical set of runes. On the other hand some people are capable of giving very accurate long distance readings, so those are useful sometimes


Yeah someone was trying to tell me it is all about energy, but yes no is like flipping a coin to me and 50/50 randomness… not dealing with real energies…

I get more accuracy out of my pendulum, no knocking it, I like using it…


I have had good readings through some automatic programs. I think it is about tuning into the system. I always try to connect with the site telepathically.

I don’t really trust them. Think of the conversations you have on your phone or pc and all the things you look up. Don’t you think there’s a way it could pull this info and give you answers off of that? I’d rather go through myself or someone else with cards if I can’t read myself that day.

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My personal feeling is that due to their speed of use and instant output they lead to obsessional use by effectively asking variants of the same question until the Tarot gives you an answer you like.

It slows down manifestation of results if used in that manner as it casts doubts and creates lust for results.

Perhaps yes to check a potential outcome but even then you would need to restrict yourself if your desire to conduct a ritual is greater than the advice against it.


I find tarot dot com really reliable and they have a great yes/no, it’s pretty accurate, I would recommend them to anyone because you can ask stuff that may sound weird to a human reader, and they’re dirt cheap as well.

I use them regularly, agree there’s always the temptation to keep going with some things BUT so long as you know that, I mean some people will hop from human reader to human reader until they get an answer.

So I can see they could become addictive to folks but I’ve only had good experiences using them, even where the answer was less accurate when I went back, I could still see the influences mapped out there by the cards,

Their yes/no uses 4 positions, yes, yes maybe, no maybe, and no, so it’s above 50/50, and the cards that show up in the other 3 positions (the correct one is where the Wheel lands) usually have information about the situation. I’m a fan. :smiley:


I can also vouch for the general reliability of They have some good people working for them.