Online Grimoire Catalogue?

I feel my biggest obstalce to evoking Demons, spirits and other entities is finding a trusted source to reference in my rituals. Including sigils, els, and accompanied description.

I feel comfortable exploring the entities you’ve shared with us through your videos on YouTube, but feel like I hit a brick wall when left to research on my own.

I am painfully aware of the perdicament of outsourcing the research of demons to another person, as I am sure that there is as much control over someone’s ascent with the consciousness they choose to connect with as there is control over one’s thoughts with the words and language they speak every day.

Nonetheless, until I begin to soul travel and make much more personal strides in my ascent, I feel sort of land locked between the demons I’ve been made aware of, and the arduous path of finding a place that sells grimoires to look through before investing the money in any one particular book over the others available.

Furthermore, my varied interests in both creative outlets and subject matter makes the devotion to grimoire research even more difficult undertake.

I like the idea of communicating with ancient, powerful, free, individual consciousnesses a lot. And I look forward to the physical manifestations of some of these beings when I am ready to connect with them.

But asisde from your lecture on the 9 Demonic Kings, and The book of Azazel, my grimoiric reach is pretty slim. As is my appetite for other people’s ancient cultures/ religions/ and mythologies.

I’d much rather go out of body and fashion/ recover my own diety, then pour over volumes of literature on other people’s Gods.

Advice? Thoughts?