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I see lol how can I share food wit em and I’m comfortable wit blood offerings


You can share food too. Ask him about it though, cause we usually eat the prasadi but it’s better to ask the spirit/deity if they’re okay with it.


I can’t offer them meat coz I am brahmin :joy:


Who says I do? :joy: They don’t care what is as long as it comes from love




That’s a relief
Anyways thanks for the guidance :cyclone::love_you_gesture:

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Welcome! :purple_heart:


That’s beautiful idea


It is, took me quite some time to get what he’s saying tho


I am reading your entire thread. I highly enjoy it.


I’m glad ^^


Can you p.m.? I have a couple of questions.

19th January, 2022

Today…where do I begin for today. I asked King Paimon for help with something in the morning, and I promised to do something in return as both being grateful and because I wanted to show that I was about to stick to the reason why I wanted him to do that.

Anyways, Thank You, King Paimon. You’re hella amazing.

I had registered for theatre and the first class was today. I like to think that I can adapt to environments, but I’ve never felt so out of place before in my life. It felt like me being there was being challenged (no one told me anything, it was a lovely class). But, the reason I joined is for my own good. So I’ll stick to it.

It was a little busy day today.

I have been practicing for close to 2 years now. I have not done any pathworking or stuck to any tradition. Today, after thinking about something for some time now, I have decided that I will be a Priestess. For? The infernals, but mainly Lucifer. That is what I feel in my heart.

I will learn and go through all the lessons that are needed for me to become one. I am willing to do so.

Last night, I was talking to Michael as I was drifting to sleep. Now I love myself, I do. But I was a little disturbed yesterday because of something. I was happy talking to Michael, very happy actually. But out of nowhere I cried. It wasn’t for long either. Hardly a minute.

It weirded me out because I was not feeling anything. No emotion. Empty, but I still cried.

I realised that I don’t hate myself. But I don’t love myself enough either. My relationship with money still has a major element of fear in it. I realised some other things as well, which I can’t recall right now.

I have a lot to work on, and much to learn.

That’s all for this entry, I hope all of you have a great day ahead.


Woaaahh! I’m happy for you! Let me know if there’s ever any way for me to help :heart:

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Thank you! I will ^^ :purple_heart:


30th January 2022

Just finished watching My Neighbor Totoro. Very wholesome. I now want a Totoro plushie.

I have some plans for the new moon tomorrow, in terms of meditation…um, yeah not doing much. I was very stressed with assignments last week and I slept quite a bit. I’m still sleeping quite a bit tbh.

I have done some shadow work, and accepted fhe jealousy I felt instead of trying to not have it.

I don’t have anything else to add ig? idk if there was anything then I forgot so :sweat_smile: I’ll post it when I remember!

I hope everyone has a good day!


31st January 2022

My dad is finally retiring today.

I have a test tomorrow, but I haven’t yet studied. I wanted to study in the morning, but I couldn’t bring myself to open the book. Then my back and stomach have been hurting since morning, so once I sit down today I absolutely do not feel like getting up. As someone who loves spicy, it was a weird day for me because I did not want to eat spice.

I had offered an orange to Michael a few days ago. I did the LBRP yesterday. I plan to do it again today, it felt refreshing.

Oddly enough whenever I work with Lucifer, I tend to crave sweet foods. I usually crave tastebud numbing spicy food or tangy food.

Anyways, we got an assignment due Wednesday. Which I will start reading for today, but writing from tomorrow. Before Wednesday knocks me off my feet.

I made a vision board for myself today. And I enjoyed the process quite a lot. So, bored, I made a moodboard for King Paimon which I would like to share with you all:

I will make one for different spirits, and probably compile them to post in another thread, or keep them here. I’m still thinking about it, so if you have any input please let me know. This form of…art magick ig, it is fun. I will be doing this more often.

I pushed myself to meditate yesterday, to start preparing myself for MFWB.

I talked to Hades for a bit today morning, I have to think about a few things before I continue my chat with him.

This is all for today’s entry. I hope everyone has a good day ahead!


I have one and hes adorable! Hope you can find one. :+1:

Also loving the moodboard for King Paimon. Looks awesome. :dromedary_camel::crown:


PLS THAT PLUSHIE IS SO FUCKING CUTE :sob::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Thank you! :pleading_face: :purple_heart:



I am tired. I gave a test today, I still have an assignment to work on and study for another test. But this is not why I am tired. Today in the afternoon my mum and sis were talking about how I don’t “participate”, how I don’t do this, I don’t do that,etc. They also told me to line up things for my Masters (I still haven’t given my 1st semester exams) and my mum told me to decide properly, and not be fickle minded and suddenly say I don’t want to go abroad the way I dropped med school.

The only reason she’s still hanging onto that, is because of all the money that went down the drain. I’m simply, too emotionally tired of her. She thinks I never had to work hard, she things I’ve had things too easy and served on a platter. My sis thinks I’m an introvert who has no voice.

This house is starting to weigh on me now, it feels heavy again. Doing shadow work while on my period on top of that, it gets to you.

I probably will be submitting tomorrow’s assignment late. I don’t know how I’ll be able to do it on time. If my marks get deducted, so be it. If I keep going I’ll burn out.

I did a petition last night. Meditated to Lucifer and did some more shadow work before sleeping.

I made a moodboard for him today:

I don’t know who I will meditate to tonight, but I will do a spell.

I was also playing in the afternoon, and I asked Lucifer if he likes these type of games (it is a driving game) and a second later I see a user with the username “lucifer” on top of the leaderboard :joy: He pointed out how I can’t stay on the road when turning :joy: . We had fun.

“You have to press the key when the sign comes up, for the perfect, perfect, perfect turn. You have to do this while on the road, which you obviously, are not.” :skull:

Anyways, this is all for today’s entry. I hope everyone has a good day.