One time spell vs Repeated spell

Which school brings better result to you?

Some spells are said to be repeated everyday for 7 weeks.

Some others are said to be one for good.

Which brings the better results result to you? Reinforcing or letting the magic being done ?

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They’re both one spell: it’s not repeated as much as, its part of the spell to do it every day.

For workings that don’t need a big energy build up, it’s a waste of effort to run it as a multi day build up.

For working that do need that kind of energy, the spell just isn’t done without it.

Both will work and it’s not a matter of “better”. Are you building a sandcastle or a house? Whichever is better depends on your goals.

It’s not a good idea to just repeat a regular working hoping that will make it work better: this is too akin to lusting for results and can kill it, as it’sa form of doubt: only repeat if that’s how the working is designed out of the gate.