One spirit,One request

Currently i’m in college preparing for my final exams which are in 6 weeks.
At times it’s extremely hard to keep up with class and i tend to fall behind. Would it be ideal to evoke one spirit for one subject or will a single spirit be able to help with all the subjects? I’ve been thinking about working with King Balam since EA mentioned in his presentation that Balam realigns ones ability to grasp new material easily.

*I’m fully aware that i would have to do the studying as well and i’m ready for that, but i really do need spiritual intervention as its do or die.

I’d choose one spirit, and then ask them if they advise you to work with any others. It’s not uncommon for a spirit to point you towards another, they’re not usually grabby or possessive in my experience.

Ronove has helped me in the past. I specifically made a jackball and charged it with his powers…then I swung it when studying and before tests.

True, and some spirits do not like to be confronted with a huge list of tasks to perform for you. They may interpret this as greed.