One of my views which will never change

It is now the 6th of January 2018 4:24am when I start this post, I was I have carried this one view with and i will carry it forever.

My views -

They ask the purpose of life
, It has no purpose and it does
At the same time, because purpose
Can sometimes be subjective,
The purpose of MY life is subjective
And it does have a purpose,
My purpose is expansion and evolution
Of Knowledge, Power, wisdom and experience
, That is my purpose.

I have been asked as a British individual
" how much do you love your queen and the royal family ".
Let me be honest, I don’t care, why should I,
Plus she is the queen of the country, she isn’t my queen.

Because I refuse to answer to a governmental higher power, or any thing that tries to be above me, for I only answer to me.

As I say fuck the government, I am the government, no one can tell me how to live, there are obviously laws and morals some i agree with because they protect the interests and safety of the public.

Answer to no one, but yourself, learn and grow in all aspects of yourself, don’t tell me you’re becoming a living god, if you won’t develop the courage to ask a girl out on a date, gate laid by a human not just a spirit, because using entities for pure physical gratification causes some issues.

My views on the world is be you, and don’t mimic or be anything else, be the master without a master, be your own king, take care of your spiritual self, mind and body, for these are the only magick temple you need.

This is a statement of one of my greatest personal views, for ascent isn’t only a spiritual or magickal thing, ascent is the evolution of the individual in all aspects of the spectrum of self.

Explanation - These are the rambles of my mind boggling thoughts being a black magician, surrounded by countless spirits and lack of sleep for days due to insomnia and thinking of literally the universe :joy:.


Conner Kendall.


@ my life too lol. I agree, bow to none but yourself- Belial.



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