One Of My Favourite Podcasts That I've Been A Guest On So Far

One Of My Favourite Podcasts That I’ve Been A Guest On So Far

Check it out, we covered an array of topics from Godhood, Ascent, What Is Magick, How It Works, Signs Of Being A Witch/Magician and so much more.




bookmarked so that i can watch it when i get time ^ω^

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Whoa I had no clue you went into Catholicism when you were younger… I learned so much from this podcast Like your vibe with him. its just like watching you and E.A together.


I finally got to watch this in its entirety. Man this was awesome! A lot of times when I watch videos or podcasts pertaining to magick I’m left feeling almost like “man I’m never going to be that good or I can’t do that, etc.” but after and during listening to this I’m left inspired and excited and maybe for the first time, feeling like I can do this too!! Again, just awesome video and info and everything man!

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