One Nation Under GOD

Most of the very powerful religions of the world such as Muslims and Christians believe in Only one god who is the Creator of the all things but how true can this be?
Is there only one god? One creator?
Any knowledge or comments are more then welcome!


There are as many gods as there are believers.

I understand that but are they demons , angels or really gods? And are all of them Creator of the universe or only one? Hope you can tell me Adam! :slight_smile:

The Abrahamic faiths are the dominant religions of the world. Hinduism the second, with about a billion followers themselves. You could count Buddhism and Confucianism too, depending on how you classify it but that’s not important.

Many religions were known as polytheistic, having many gods. Judaism was rather special in that they had only one God. Most of what the other empires did in the areas of the Near East is that they had a worship system, based around where their founders had learned it. As empires expanded, they synthesized their religion with their conquered or simply let them pray as they wish. Not really for benevolence but mainly for practicality. Most societies were nomadic save a few from currently known recorded history like the Hittites or Assyrians.

In Egyptian book of the Dead, actually called Going Forth by Day, one of the funerary texts reads:

“Neba, comer forth in retreating,I have not plundered the property of God.”

In the rest of the text, it names other gods like Anubis, Ma’at, Osiris, etc. when the person was judged in the afterlife. Since the Jews came out of Egypt, it wouldn’t be surprising that they practiced the same things as the Egyptians. It wasn’t until God spoke to Moses and said, “There is no part of me that is not of the Gods,” which certainly gives rise to the name King of Kings, Lord of Lords; which was a title used very often in Egypt, especially when someone united Upper and Lower Egypt during their founding dynasties.

That gave rise to the concept of not many gods and goddesses but one God, many names. Yet that never really caught on until the rise of Christianity and eventually Islam. The Far East didn’t have that problem, per se, but their civilizations never really collapsed like the ones in Europe. Some did but their dynasties were replaced rather than collapsed entirely. Plus most of that portion which we tend to demean and insult now as foolish is more political than religious.

That said, many cultures worshiped many gods and goddesses. In Greek thought, a daemon was an ancestral spirit and wasn’t termed good or bad unless it’s actions showed itself as such. Likewise, in the Near East like Mesopotamia, there was a group of spirits called Devas, which some considered wicked and others good but they seem to be the same thing as the daemons in Greek. The Romans had their gods and goddesses but aside from synthesis from their conquered neighbors, the lemurian spirits stuck out as angry ancestors. Ancestors in Latin meaning predecessor, as in “to go before.” Implying before death or before creation of physical entities. Depends, really, as most of us aren’t really linked like that. So for God to come down to Moses and say, “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me,” essentially means that there’s none before or after, Alpha and Omega.

Since Judaism is Semitic, it’s going to have that Egyptian flavor where some of the qualities of the Archangels is similar to that of the Egyptian Gods. Like, for example, Thoth being related to Metatron, where both are scribes and both have ownership of the Moon. There has been numerous arguments for Christ being the same as Osiris but I’m not convinced of that as generally, most people don’t know much about the systems themselves and tend to regurgitate that Zeitgeist movie, which isn’t in-depth and rather misleading.

All that said, Christianity took more of the Pagan gods and synthesized them with some traits of the archangels but not God. I’m sure that gets touted around enough but even then, Muslims did the same towards Zoroastrianism- pretty much towards the Indus Valley but that was also post-Alexander and the spread of Hellenistic ideas. However, the Muslim conquests also spread into pagan and eventually barbarian lands- to which I’m sure many people were killed.

Finally, it takes some contemplation of what God truly is rather than the regurgitation of modern societies which, let’s face it, demean anything that isn’t simply obvious. Hebrew words that have -el or -eem are labeled masculine while -oh and -ah are labeled as feminine. So, when we see Eloheem, it literally means God and Goddesses but it’s also a name of God. So how do you if it’s true? Well, you can ask Him trough trances and summoning spirits. Maybe not Himself but I’m certain you can ask any Angel of the Lord.

Only you can answer that. We shape our own reality. How many deities are you allowing in yours? :slight_smile:

[quote=“Inversolaw, post:1, topic:7670”]Is there only one god? One creator?
Any knowledge or comments are more then welcome![/quote]

The book called The Kybalion (which is out of copyright and easy to find online) sums up my view, and is in harmony with LHP thought.

Many also argue that Zoroastrianism was the first and the Hebrew religion was largely influenced by it.