One last thing

As some of you may or may not have noticed I have not been on this forum very much lately. The thing is this forum hasn’t been as useful to me as it used to be recently and I’ve been planning to leave.

But before I do I thought I would ask for a bit of help in a secret project of mine. I need several volunteers, the qualifications you need to have worked with and be very familiar with either the entities Antharratu or Dratalon. All I need you to do is call up either of these entities and observe if either of them seems to be different to you then how you remember them being the last time you made contact. Even if its something little I would like to know.

As for what this secret project is about, well it wouldn’t be a secret if I told so don’t ask about what it is. If your worried about how Dratalon shouldn’t be evoked unless your planning to take someone out don’t worry about it, I made some special arrangements so that shouldn’t be an issue for this little test. In the unlikely event it is an issue just send him after me and I’ll take care of it.

I’ve worked with Dratalon before. I am seeing him now with a gold Crown which wasn’t there the last time I worked with him, although that might be for a different reason.