One card readings are back!

i see… thank you

Pulled the sun. It’s really good news, after a period of hardship it appears good times are ahead for you. Your boss might recognize you for your hard work.

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Pulled the wheel of fortune. It’s a pretty positive card but it does give a feeling that some burden will have to be borne for a short time. you may face competition, but ultimately come out on top. I hope this resonates.

Pulled the tower reversed. It will be a slow change.

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Pulled 8 of coins reversed. I get a feeling of burnout, maybe you don’t want to work in your current job anymore, or it’s just not as fun as it used to be. A little variety might help, change up your routine a bit, decorate your office, or take a vacation.

No trouble at all. Pulled queen of cups, so I feel like they might be considering contacting you, and they might reach out to you very soon, but right now I feel like there’s more thinking than doing.

Thank you kindly! :slight_smile:


Will I marry JTP? Also I’ll do a one card reading back. Give me your question.

I’d like one please
What’s next for me in love ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you

And whats next for me in love …Thank you😀

Makes sense… It does.
Thank you!

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Can i have a General reading please?

Forgot I was off work today, so I’ll be catching up on readings later today. I’ve also decided to keep this thread open indefinitely. Again, as a friendly reminder, please no health, life path or spiritual questions. Thanks.

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geNeral love reading please :))

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Take your time, it’s ok :slight_smile:

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can i get a general love reading

Thank you…are a bit in a tight spot…want to open a new shop…cost ia about 11 bar…need finamces though…but will be a big change yes

You were right, As if by fate I also misread Riaan43’s reading as mine and It resonates with me also, thanks again

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So sorry guys, I know I’m falling really behind on readings, but lots of things are happening atm. Recently lost my job so I’ve been job hunting mostly. I do appreciate all your continued patience.