One card draw (max 3 people) Tarot

ok then i read it wrong, let me see

If the World appears reversed, it’s a call to complete that which remains unfinished. It’s also time to bring closure to anything that is preventing you from moving on to your next big goals

This card may also be asking you if seeing the “big picture.”

I have the World, upside down, copied this meaning from a site, sounded good to me, does it resonate?

this is also part of the reason why i refrained from offering readings, I dont like giving wrong ones lol

I have a project in limbo yes.

HeY! Are you still taking questions? If so, i would be grateful. And if so, I’ll post my question:

Will I pass my „internship“as an equities trader?

If you’re not taking questions, then It’s great you are doing this for others. Have a nice day either way. :slight_smile:

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If the Empress appears reversed, she gently asks you to consider which area of your life is feeling neglected. The Empress represents love and nurturing, so if there is an area that feels abandoned, it is time to make it a priority. Ask yourself, “What have I been neglecting within myself?”

The Empress reversed might also appear when there is a fear that there will not be enough of something. This could be love, money, understanding or safety. The Empress archetype does not understand the concept of scarcity. Upright or reversed, the Empress assuages your fears and reminds you that you exist in a Universe of plenty. There are a plethora of good experiences still waiting for you out there, no matter what past issue is being healed.

Look at your plans, projects and priorities as your children. They need attention, consistency, love and discipline to grow and thrive. The Empress bestows all forms of prosperity whether she appears upright or reversed. When reversed, abundance may seem a little more elusive, but it is still there. When looking for answers this card reassures you that the solution to insecurities will not be found out in the world, or from another person. The Empress will open the pathway forward when you nurture the part of yourself that’s been neglected.

so i think overall, the Empress reversed is saying not to be too hung up on the internship, pay attention to it and take care of it when doing it or when you do it, but dont be too hung up on it i think it is saying

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. This is very very true, and you are talented. Thank you again. <3 have a great day or night :slight_smile:

I copied the meaning from a website, then interpreted it to fit your situation, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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hi Warrior, are you still offering one card readings?

Thank you

Hi ! If you still offer reading i would like one about how does lifting weight influences my body ? Thank in advance!

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You can try for me

Happy to have one if any open spots left