One card draw (max 3 people) Tarot

Ask anything, except on a relationship or work regarding a spirit, or anything with spirits.

I will pull one card, general or a question, I am not sure how good I am right now, but feedback is appreciated, so I can train.


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Shoot me.

Q: should I press on with my custom made spells?

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ok, a general reading?

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Oh, I was editing. It’s about my custom made spells, but if that’s out of the table, then general is fine.

Thanks man.

I have somme suggestons I am a tarot reader and tarot teacher, so if you would like some advise just PM me :slight_smile:

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question, do you plan on working with a female entity for your spells?

I am getting the sense from this card, that yes, you should keep going

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much appreciated teodoro :slight_smile:

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Thoth, Ganesh and Hermes are the only ones I have in mind right now, but I’m open to others in the future. I’m in the preparations phase right now.

Thanks for the draw.

ok, because this is the first time i am having difficulties with my interpretations, but i think you should keep going from what i saw

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If I’m remembering right, I did gave you some difficulties last time we did this.

I’ll keep working on my spells, thanks again.

if there were difficulties, there were of a different nature, but similar a bit yes.

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Yeah, I may just be a problematic dude, I don’t know.

it was the Being who did not want to show him or herself as it was not time then, I would assume, it was one of the 3 you are working with now

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ok great! do you have a specific question?

That’s… very interesting.

I don’t know if this little bit of info may mean anything, but Ganesh was the one with whom I got my first experience in magick. What do you think?

Just a general spiritual one.

seems like in your magick there is order, but maybe some chaos as well?

do you feel overwhelmed by your different magickal things you do?

could have been Ganesh, makes sense to me personally

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No, not really.

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