Once with you always with you

So I have heard if you make contact with a spirit, that means they are with you always or have been your whole life. So my question is if you make a pact and pact ends you both can go your separate ways, wouldn’t that mean they arnt with you anymore unless you desire it?


No. The essence of the spirit stays with you, but that does not mean the spirit itself is always hanging around waiting for your call like a love sick puppy. When you go your separate ways, the contact still remains.

Spirits are multidimensional and time does not exist for them so they have been with you since the beginning and will be with you until the end.


So you could essentially have the essence of 100’s if different spirits with you at once? From all different pathworkings and such?

That will make the afterlife confusing :joy:

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And it wouldn’t confuse anything in the afterlife, if there is such a thing, unless you specifically bound yourself to a certain spirit, such as through marriage. I know one magician who has stated she will be with her husband for 1000 years before she reincarnates.

You have to remember that these beings are multidimensional and have been around for eons, so human concepts of time don’t apply. They have been called upon by millions and millions of magicians throughout human history and left their essence with each one. Think of their essence like a perfume that lingers upon you when the person you love leaves the room. Some who are sensitive enough can sense it, but most cannot. The more you work with a spirit, the stronger their essence becomes, and then it becomes a part of your essence. A simple pact is rarely enough for that to happen.


Awesome!! I’m happy to have this response. I here the essence would be On you but that’s better than the spirit unless you want that connection. Otherwise it would hold me back from making relationships with a lot of spirits. I’d rather just have a few close spirits with their presence vs all of them.

The idea of ones you make contact the spirt itself is there forever needs to dull off

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You are thinking in human terms. You are just as multidimensional as any demon, or angel. What EA meant is that the moment you connect with the spirit, that spirit has been with you since the beginning of existence because you and the demon are the same, and time doesn’t exist. You are not bound “forever” in any way your human mind conceptualizes it so you can contact any type of spirit you want.

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does this apply only to demons or angels, what about the gods of pantheons, we could have that connection aswell?

Good question. I do not know, as EA, in the Book of Azazel, was referring to demons when talking about this, and the gods are a completely different class of being, but in my opinion, yes. I think it does still apply.

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That makes sense due to being outside of time would cause you to have had that connection seeing how where way outside of time as well. Crazy to think of that in a human body haha