ONA Aeonic Magick The Acausal The Black order of the Ages Satanism

Please share your thoughts, knowledge here. :slight_smile: Thank you.

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How about you start?

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If you say so. It is merely what I have read in The Anthology Of Sorcery, Naos, The Black Book of Satan, The Requisite ONA and in some of the fictional stories they have. I’ve had some Contact with Atazoth, Aosoth, Naos, Satan, Azanigin and Nemicu.


Ok. Massive subject to cover all the currents covered there… You might be better of asking something more specific, or stating a position that can be debated. It’s your thread, what direction did you want to go in?

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well yes of course . searching i mean. asking here is alsoo good as it may provide something new :slight_smile: as Styxhexenhammer666 and the Nekalah is to me. thank you. plus if the topics we cover well this will be an available resource for all.

were can all the entities be found exactly?

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Oh I see. Have you tried the search function with O9A as the keyword?

Styxhexenhammer666 and V.K. Jehannum have good info on their yt channels.

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I’ve heard of all there entities(the Nekalah),but I never worked with them,but if I ever work with them I definitely won’t take the advice of ONA,and you shouldn’t either,they are wrong and their way is the way of ignorant and blind trying to be edgy and scary

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I was never a fan of the perceived need of the ‘willful subversion’ thing.
But I’m Aquarian, I’ve always gone my own way and thought independently, so I don’t need to ‘rebel’ to overcome any ingrained cultural bindings to do whatever I want. I find it immature, but it’s nevertheless an important stage of growing up and not everyone gets to goes through it when they’re still kids. Just because a huge part of the course is pointless for me doesn’t mean others wouldn’t find it transformative.


u mean about the ona in specific trying to subvert? or in general?

Both? I looked into them and was turned off by the groupthink in general and specifically.
If I want to go against the grain,

  1. I already did, I don’t need to force it, fake it, inconvenience myself for it or get permission for it
  2. I’m sure as hell not going to ‘go against the grain’ in conformance with a groups way of doing it
    I might be curious enough to start but I wouldn’t follow though, as soon as something didn’t resonate I’d change it and do it my way, and that’s not super helpful to a coven when building repetitive patterns of energy is part of how they build shared power.

oh its him damn. :slight_smile:

O9a work with very powerful Dark Gods and they are alive! You can contact them almost instantly. 2 of them were not revealed to me, the channeling was like different. I will not comment it thou :sun_with_face: