On the word "pagan"

hey, guys.

I mentioned in another post that I despise the use of the word, “pagan”. I also mentioned that may be some day I would explain why. well - you guys can let out your collective breath now, because “some day” has arrived. ; )

this is why I despise the use of the word “pagan” –

the word “pagan” is always used comparatively with none other than “christianity”.

it’s always, the “pagan beliefs” as compared to “christianity”, or, “the early pagans”. and every time this word is used in this way, “christianity” is made to seem the superior belief above and beyond all other beliefs.

and it also makes it seem like these earlier beliefs are all one and the same, when in fact, beliefs other than “christianity” are wide and varied. so-called pagan beliefs are NOT all the same; there are greek gods, roman gods, celtic gods, egyptian gods, etc., and all these different gods should be addressed as such rather than being referred to as the “pagan” gods.

and when one considers that EVERY thing about “christianity” is taken from other beliefs and assimilated in to “christianity” as a way of making this particular belief more palatable to those who had their own beliefs separate of the poison of “christianity”, it makes the “christians’” attempts at making their beliefs appear superior to every one else’s kind of ridiculous and stupid.

another point I’d like to make – ALL beliefs started out as “pagan”. “pagan” means, “of the country”. “heathen” means much the same thing. ALL beliefs, including those of the middle easterners, first started out IN THE COUNTRY – making even “christianity” , there fore, PAGAN, even with OUT their having stolen all their ideas off of the “pagans”.

and about the term, “christmas tree”. it was NOT originally a “christmas” tree. bringing a tree in to the home and decorating it started out as a GERMANIC traditional custom. NOTHING to do with “christmas” – though if I’m wrong, do feel free to correct me.

same with “christmas presents” – THIS was started by the ancient romans, who, every Saturnalia, would go about giving gifts to each other. it was some thing like a week-long celebration, best compared to a wild college party gone completely out of control.

THIS is where the “christians” got their ideas about gift-giving, though there could have been other similar sources as well.

when discussing beliefs other than “christianity”, in stead of using the word, “pagan”, which only serves to elevate “christianity” above all other superstitious beliefs and put it on a pedestal like it’s some how THE belief of all beliefs, people should in stead say, “the germanic gods”, “the ancient greek gods and beliefs”, “the celtic god (whose name is) so-and-so”.

this would serve two purposes - 1) the gods or beliefs of others would be specifically mentioned, rather than being all lumped together under the collective term, “pagan”, even though every belief is wildly different from every other such belief; and, 2) it would serve to knock “christianity” off its pedestal and lower it down to the level of every other belief, some thing “christianity” is badly in need of.

it is NOT the end-all, be-all of all other superstitious beliefs, and it’s high time it - and those who believe in it - got a bit humbled.

another purpose the specific mention of non"christian" beliefs and non"christian" gods and their names would serve would be to keep people more in touch with their roots, with their OWN people, and their ancestors’ ORIGINAL beliefs, traditions, ways and customs.

I dunno. it just irks me that the word “pagan” is used in comparison with “christianity” when “christianity” and its thousands of variations is really just another superstitious belief, no worse, and certainly no better than, any other. let’s stop elevating it to a higher status by the constant use of the word “pagan” any time “christianity” is mentioned. or the other two middle eastern beliefs, “judaism” and “islam”.

I basically agree, except that for me, pagan has always been a positive term, a thing that was outside the insanity of the Abrahamic faiths and their nutty desert troll-god.

So when I see it it means “the sane rest of us”! :slight_smile:

I knew that some would feel that way. but I still find it irritating that, according to these fruit loops, there are only two belief systems – theirs, which is “christianity”, and every one else’s, which they lump all together under the name, “paganism”, and that the former is considered to be the better, more grown-up one.

it’s like an “us and them” concept, and that “us” is some how better than “them”. and again, ALL beliefs are pagan, because they ALL have their origins with people who were living in country – because there were no cities, or even small towns way back when. just people living in the wilds of the relatively new world – or, “country”.

and while ALL beliefs are “pagan”, each such belief is different from the others. different gods, (or at least their names) different ways of celebrating, of making offerings, of doing magic.

it’s like using the word “fish” to describe one particular fish. but the word “fish” encompasses all water-breathing, gilled and finned animals swimming about the oceans. (and other bodies of water).

so which fish in particular do you mean, and who’s to say that it’s the great white, for example, that’s the supreme fish of all fish?

well, now all this talk of fish has gone and made me hungry. dagnabbit… : )