On the UPG someone is an incarnation of a known entity

This topic is to hold the discussion of the phenomena that someone in the incarnation of an entity, as an example., the mage who says he IS Samael interviewed by E.A. earlier this year spoke about this in detail for those who caught that.

This is a spin off from the Royalty Obsession thread, which was geared towards larpers and why they’d want to claim this.

This thread is for taking the idea as a serious possibility, talking about how and why it could happen, what energetic structures are in place in these people, how to verify such gnosis and related. :slight_smile:


  • Why do people feel this way
  • Can divination supply verification and how?
  • Can asking the entity in question provide verification?
  • Can you choose to be permanently possessed and become the entity?

Also see the related topic on belief in incarnation by @Zen for those who feel an affinity or alignment with known entities.


This is a tough one… But what I’ve seen the elders around me do is that they meet with the deity and consult if whether the individual is right about their relationship with the deity.

Deities will always remember their lovers no matter how many they’re. If they’re not aware of her/him, then there’s a problem and you have to very gently break it down to them.

It’s also advised that if you have a new deity or entity in your life you have to test and see if they’re legit by asking your trusted circle of witches and by testing them too to make sure they’re not imposters.


Oh come now, I’ve been told I am Nerfertiti many times- maybe it’s my eyes, or maybe it’s a common middle eastern pick up line lol!-

On a serious note, is there an investigation that can be done to find out when folks claim to be souls of said entities? -
In other practices divination and investigation area always done before we work with or for anyone, for any reason.

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Idk but I expect the incarnation of a great entity to have some intellect and no inferiority complex, so I doubt they’d go around telling everyone that they’re a Great King.

Because no matter what your soul is or was, you are currently human. You need food and water, need sleep, you smell when you don’t wash your body, you can get sick like anybody else.
It literally does not matter, as long as you don’t realize your potential.


That is true- I feel investigations could still be made. In the trappings of the human body, there may be mental reasons that block ppl from fully remembering or connecting to who they are-
there are also outside interferences, ppl that can see what entities you possess or hail from and can work to block a person from awakening to their true self.
There are a lot of variables that can come into play. If it is a genuine incarnate.
Personally that’s why I say investigate from a credible source.


I personally don’t feed concepts such as otherkin even though it is partially true…

Humans are 12th Dimensional beings meaning all of the entities in the cosmos is in our DNA, are DNA is billions of years old and has also been tempered with which I won’t get into…

It takes a soul to at least be 7th dimensional to incarnate as a human being, everything below 7D contains Elves, Anunnaki, fallen angels, Demons, even some dragons, fae etc. it is very possible that some of these beings decide to incarnate as dragons, for example I’ve seen people completely shapeshift into reptilians, elves, fairies even though they never saw themselves that way, I’ve seen people turn into sethian jackals etc. I’ve also heard of other people see me shapeshift into a reptilian when I’d see myself as a similar entity simultaneously…

The thing most people have to understand about the aura is, it is simply an information field of how the consciousness expresses what it’s observing, you become what you observe, you can install so many types of light coded information into your DNA, humans have the power to fly and materialize objects out of particles and much more… which are dormant in the DNA

The way I see it with most people that claim themselves to be some big name is, they’re either usually working with the entity, the entity is in their ancestry and is thus a part of them, or the entity lent its own signature in the creation of that person…

However it is still possible that gods and goddesses etc. can incarnate into human bodies, they tend to stand out either in a very powerful way or they tend to be the black sheep, or both… I personally know some Anunnaki entities incarnated in human form to reverse all the bad things they did to the planet and clear their karma and planetary karma in the process

I think the key with certain people is taking everything with a grain of salt and allowing things to unravel naturally

And they don’t have to be what the way they are when you summon them, when you summon the entity you speak to its oversoul construct, the aspect of that entity that incarnated as a human is still human just with a giant soul body, they will tend to see humans as lesser beings because of this, it’s just instinctual, that’s where they learn a lot of humility and also help balance the scale between the gods and the humans as it was supposed to be no thanks to Enlil


Hello Kindraathe,

I have taken to the theory that people can mirror the energies of current entities taking on an almost constant channeling state. Basically, a person falls under the influence of a spirit so deeply that they have trouble differentiating themselves from it. It is a form of possession.



And yes I agree with what you’re saying. I was told that he was Half Demon from birth, it was part of his DNA. And nothing wrong with that. But he told me I was one too. To that a lot of stuff was told to me that didn’t add up.


So his mom or dad is a full demon? I would assume they would be surprised to learn that.

He might be under the influence of a spirit or connected to one like a soul family. But if he is here on Earth, he is a human.



Who the hell is anyone to tell other person what they are or aren’t? Especially about soul histories. The Succession of the Dalai Lama is a thing in the real world for a very long time.

The great houses, clans, organizations, federations and families on the other side are real. Humans used to know them, but wait all the great libraries have been burned.

The rules, regulations and treaties between humans and said groups are mostly still in place. But since most humans are ignorant of this fact, shit happens to most people.

The Veil was to keep humans in blind energetically bindings. That’s the real enemy of our species.

True monarchs used to wage wars themselves. Maybe these people are trying to do their jobs? Ever think of that one?


Reminds me of a certain religious dogma. “Shit happens because humans chose life apart from God”.
Nonsense if you ask me.

Shit happens for no particular reason.
And that is what makes this world what it is.
People raise from the ashes of this world’s shit like a phoenix raises from the ashes. And that is beautiful.


Whoa, I honestly can’t imagine what it is like to feel like all or the majority of spirits are out to destroy you. Have you always felt that way? + Most people aren’t aware of sharing a planet with intelligent non-humans (presumably spirits). Assuming it is the case that they want to get rid of humanity as a whole, what do they have to gain from it?


Maybe we still lived up and honored our treaties with the other intelligent beings we share this planet with, maybe they wouldn’t be out to destroy us…

You really think this is all just a mere accident this suicide wish humanity seems to be fulfilling?

-Crown 2022


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So you think you’re part of the 1% that “understands it all and tries to fix shit from behind”? But it is all way too complex to be discussed here?
Heard that before.

And you think humanity was better to nature in the past? And we have “lost” our connection?
We have not.
Humans have always been the same.
We sacrificed animals and even other humans, we mistreated nature in all ways possible.

And yes, we still do. Yes we are destroying it in a much bigger scale now than before, but if there had been as many humans in the past as we have today, they would have destroyed everything in the same proportion, believe me.
What do you think mice and grashoppers do when their population grows too big? They eat everything up and move to the next field until there’s nothing left and the population decreases again.
And we are part of nature too.

The difference is that we have the ability to look beyond it and reflect on our behaviour.
We have destroyed our forests and used our oceans up, but people are starting to notice.

People are starting to notice. Maybe not fast enough, but the fact that there are attempts to change is proof that we are not “tyrants” or “stupid” or have a “suicide wish”.

Some people like to portray spirits as our saviours our punishers, all somehow above us in one way or the other.
But we are not worthless, and we are not in need of a saviour.
A lot of problems would be solved if people only realized that we can save ourselves.


I think this is drifting off topic… this is not about lineage or larping as demon spawn, or claiming inheritance, it’s not about movie tropes, the other thread is for that. It’s not about otherkin or feeling like there’s an “inhumanness” about you… that’s topic worthy but a bit different…

This is about being an entity that is incarnated as human.
E.g. “I AM Samael… an incarnation of Samael”, or Lilith or I an an aspect of [insert high ranking entity here]… As was claimed on one of E.A. last videos before the take down. Or as is claimed by the occasional BALG member that triggers the “human intro pls” post.

Why claim to be a known, as in, named entity?

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