On the topic of Soul eaters

Taken from a post I made and I thought others would be interested in the topic- keeping it light and not targeted to any one thing or type.

Well, there are soul eaters out there (to my understanding) and there are a lot will tell you they are a soul eater if it gets them what they want (your fear and or obedience) but aren’t actually Soul Eaters

My understanding is soul eaters don’t brag or advertise the ability cuz 1) its not a favorable trait and 2) it would be like us going around spouting that we are vegans or pro meat or anti-meat. No reason to do that and gets rather tiresome to hear.

Plus, the most obvious, would YOU be inclined to tell a cookie that you are going to eat them and how if the cookie in question could do something about it?

I mean yeah, soul eaters is some serious business- kind of like being eaten by a lion(s) only your soul rather than flesh (using lions as an example because they are horrifically unkind to their killers, eating it alive but thankfully, lions don’t have the ability to keep the things the eat alive). But if you are not stupid and know what you are doing (for real, not some hippie tree hugging feel feels white lighter bs) you can defend your self when attacked by lions or just have the defenses where they don’t/can’t attack you in the first place. A lion is still a lion no matter if it’s in a zoo, tamed, trained or feral or wild and they are a thing to fear/respect but they are not untouchable.

My opinions apply this same logic with Soul Eaters. So yeah, they are a thing to be cautious of and to respect (aka leave the fuck alone) but…you can still taze the ever living fuck out of them if they get it into their heads you are a snack.

I could be wrong and getting a lecture from my various teachers for opening my mouth on such things- I am a student, not an expert- but that’s just what I know and think of the topic at the moment.


Following this with interest x I know plenty of possible soul eaters

@4Riders Define Soul Eater please

Like Ghoul type shit?

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Is it possible to live without a Soul?

What are these soul eaters… What are you talking about? I don’t understand…

Sounds vaguely like psychic vampirism, which if done deeply enough can be used to feed from the pure life force or essence of the target, which could be construed as “soul eating”.

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Soul eaters are just exactly what the name says: They eat souls. The entire soul. Like how a lion eats an entire prey animal. Bones, flesh, blood, guts and all. There is nothing left. Not just syphoning off energy from one which would be considered a kind of soul eating but still more like energy vampirism/energy parasite. <- this is the most common kind of “soul eating” where the outer layers, the fleshy bits(?) of the soul are consumed or fed upon. The soul becomes drained and when there is no more edible “flesh” the carcass of what is left over, the husk or the bones and less edible bits are discarded. The way a parasite will move on to a new host when the current host is too weak or sickly to be a satisfying meal. The parasite leaves and the old host’s health still declines into death.

What is left is traumatized, broken bits that can no longer hold itself together or sustain life so it end up withering away and dying much like a plant that has been torn to hell and back.

Yes- if the roots are strong it can “mend” over time and regrow and it could even be healed in some cases but if you know anything about plants, its depended on the situation, the plant-type and if it getting any third party care that knows how to care for sick, dying plants.

Is it possible to live without a soul? The body is a container with its own automated functions. I would argue yes, you can “live” without a soul if you define “living” as having a heart beat.
My understanding with how I was taught was the soul needs a body with certain aspects in order for both body and soul to thrive. Problems come when the soul ends up with a body it’s not in sync with (because options were limited or because it needed that body even though the body was not a healthy/sustainable “fit” for it).

I wasn’t aiming for any one particular entity or creature so I couldn’t tell you exactly what a “soul eater” is other than it’s something that eats souls and an apex predator of sorts. Kind of how like sardines are not really one type of fish, they are a collective “size” of fish.


Define Soul Eater please Like Ghoul type shit?

Think that would fall more under the class of vampirism/life force feeders. Which yeah, does involve the soul to an extent and likely what most consider “soul eaters”

But I would call them soul “nibblers” (as they feed over an extended period of time and the leave when the energy/life force becomes too weak to feed on).

Where as soul eaters consume souls as a single meal so there is nothing left.

Nibblers you can possibly recover from, eaters…not so much.

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So… What happens? Death? :open_mouth:

I’d like to know more about how to heal such a damaged soul? Please tell me the method

I would think physical death and soul death. You can be consumed both physically and soul wise or you can be “hollowed out” and the body intact and “alive” but empty/void of anything inside it energy/soul wise.

There was an episode during one of the last seasons of Angel where the girl, Fred, more or less gets “infected” and consumed from the inside out that I think is one of the more accurate depictions of that kind of process (where a displaced soul gets a hold of a “replacement” and so consumes the soul and reforms the body). It was “kind” in that it gave you a Safe For Work view of just how horrible the process is for the one being eaten from the inside.

Unfortunately, the show still depicted it as if “Fred” was still there and that it was just two souls in one body (and thus could possibly be “cured” and Fred could come back/recover) and no, that is not how it happens. Fred was/is truly utterly gone. No shared “memories”, no ghost of a memory. Gone.

Point is- physical death is not a “true” death as your soul is still intact and it can return in some shape or form so in a way a form of “you” will always still exist even if you don’t remember it.
Soul death is a true death- there is no more you or a form of what was “you” in existence.

This also happens, I have been told and taught, in the creation of “gates” but I am less informed on that topic other then it takes a soul or a selection of souls to make a gate and once they are made into a gate- there is no returning to soul form so destroying these kinds of gates is equal to destroying souls. Possibly worse because another round of souls has to be found, harvested and “processed” to reform the gate. It is not a pretty, kind or fair process which is why doing such things with souls (and eating them) is not a topic to talk about or ‘research’ into.

I just…happen to have all this jumbled up in my brain and just need the words that best explain it.

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There’s topics and books that go into soul healing and recovery/healing of a shattered soul. This is something that I’m likely going to be building upon more now and I will be more than happy to share the information once I actually get it and start the process of learning how to apply it rather than just reading about it.

I am still in the learning stages myself. Most of my physical books on the topic are in storage a state away at the moment.

It would be considered “energy work” and “healing energy work” to point in a direction.

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Reminds me of the movie dark crystals where the vulture puppets use a machine and a crystals rays to take out the “essence” of the tiny puppets which become zombies without a will afterwords

The movie really scared me as a kid, in fact the vultures reminded me of my school teachers and headmistress and I secretly believed they would eat my soul or Essence in a similar way one day.

I guess it depends on your definition of a soul. Energy is indestructible. There are no people or entities who can consume your soul. You are endless, immortal. You are the universe and we are all a part of a connected fabric that is that thing that, ultimately, is you.
For the sake of argument, if one were to somehow absorb the entirety of “your” energy, it would really be repurposing the energy and therefor you would continue on, in this new form.

Same deal with death. Your energy lives on in some form or another. Whether you retain any knowledge of this life or your persona, that’s a matter up for debate. But that isn’t the soul, is it? That’s consciousness and one specific to this existence, now.

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Energy can not be destroyed, but at a point it can not be reverted back. You can not in-crack a raw egg, or get it back into an uncooked/uneaten state once it has been cooked, consumed and gone through the digestive track.

That is mostly what I mean, the soul/energy gets consumed and or repurposed so while the energy will always exist on an atomic level in some form or another, it can not go back to its original state which is what humans need in order to ‘live’. At best maybe it collect and condensed into a new soul like how stars “die” and new stars are eventually formed. But I am not thinking it would be like a past life. The game file would be new as the data was reformatted.

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Is consciousness not a soul, or a soul a type of consciousness? Is it singular, collective or continuous?

back to the egg idea- you take an egg, crack it, scramble it, cook it and eat it, it goes through the digestive track and exists the body and possibly re-enters the digestive track of other smaller organisms and so on. At what point does the egg exist and then not exist? When is it no longer an egg? When is it still an egg?

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I’ve actually got a bit of recent experience with this.
Here’s the thing though, I don’t feel like it’s something all that unique.
Any of us are capable of “consuming” a soul. It’s just a matter of figuring out how.

For me, my prey was the spirit of a dead family member I never actually met, that has been attacking my family for years, for no real reason other than some, long passed annoyance with my grandfather. Well, he let slip exactly how he was going to kill me, and well, that was the puzzle piece everyone had missed. His name is of no more relevance, I consumed him in wrath, and despite the sour stomach, I enjoyed it. The separate consciousness seemed to “dissipate” into my own, almost immediately. Not destroyed, more of a transfer of control. I’ve felt fucking unstoppable since.

As for this working on someone LIVING, I have no idea, I get the impression, a physical body changes things.

I also had…“help”

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Yes, a physical body does change things a bit.
And you are correct, consuming a “soul”, the disembodied energy of a spirit is not unique or uncommon. It’s also, to my understanding different from doing the same/similar to something still attached to a living body.

I tend to get fixated on the process on still living physical bodies rather than the dying and/or dead, I admit. Which is like comparing apples to oranges. There are things you can do with apples and oranges both and then there are things that work best with one but not the other.

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I think the easiest way to discern the difference would be something like:
Mind = Consciousness. Persona, individual thought, collective thought, etc.
Spirit = Infinite energy that is eternal. The Soul.

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Hum. Kind of on par with my line of thought only the consciousness/persona is what makes the soul while the infinite energy part is the energy that can be changed and drained but not totally destroyed. Cuz once the mind/Consciousness of the individual is gone- could be interpreted that individual is gone similar to if its been formed into a collective consciousness. Once that is gone, so is the collective and the individuals that made that collective may be separate individuals once more or no longer able to be separate depending on the process I suppose.

But I think you’ve said before, this is likely dependent on your line of thought and how you interpret things so I don’t see anything “wrong” or “disagreeable” with either one. It only comes an issue (if an issue at all) in the break down and talking over the small details so it’s good to keep both (or other) lines of thought on how things are “defined” in mind to enable productive conversation.

I really like how these responses have been presented and challenge (get me to really think on the topic) and have added to my knowledge base on the subject.

@levilevi thank you very much for challenging my brain and presenting me with a different point of view/of how things are defined.