On the subject of blessing tools

Let’s say I were to do a blessing ritual in one book for a particular tradition. Can I still use them for rituals in another book or involved with another tradition?

What’s the best day and planetary hour to do a tool blessing ritual?


I personally wouldn’t try it. I like to keep the books separate as much as I can. I don’t see any harm with it if you want to though. I can’t help you with the second question

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Traditions have their own specific energies, and consecrating a tool in one tradition sets that tool aside as separate from everything else, so it should not used for any rituals outside of that particular system. Otherwise, you will end up with a muddle of energies that may conflict, thus reducing the effectiveness of the tool and the ritual.

Completely depends on the powers you are using to consecrate the tool.


Personally I think it depends on the tool. Take the athame for instance. If you are using it to cut things, direct energy, etc, with no set purpose, you can use it for any rite. I use my sickle like this. However I have other tools made to the specifications of certain traditions just for that work that I wouldn’t use for anything else.


As said, it depends on the tool & its use. But in general, Sun = success & Jupiter = luck, so any combo of those (Sunday & Sun hour, Sunday & Jupiter hour, Thursday & Sun hour, Thursday & Jupiter hour) should be fine, I think. Unless there’s some reason you really don’t want Sun or Jupiter energy involved. I would also do it during a waxing moon – just before full moon would be the best. And I’d check for void-of-course times for the moon.

Here’s a site I use to figure moon phases/signs/void of course. And this one will show you planetary days & hours. Make sure to set your location to get accurate times.

This is good info, too.


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Honestly, I thought to bless meant to activate. But it’s a devotion seems like.

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To bless a tool is to consecrate it to the work at hand, and the tradition you are following.

Some consecrations work for all traditions, like those in EA’s book Evoking Eternity. Others, like those of the Golden Dawn, are specific to that tradition, and pretty much useless for any other.

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