On the live Chats is it OK to ask 'prohibited' questions?

Or will this get me banned from the forum?

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Well, if it’s prohibited, then it’s prohibited.

But why is it prohibited? Let’s say I want to ask questions about real Satanism?

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Sometimes the whole world stands still and you realize dromigarah is king…

Who is dromigarah?

The Live Chats have nothing to do with this forum.

As long as you use superchat the question should be answered in some form, at least, that’s what’s advertised as I understand it.

Please note: I am a volunteer mod for this forum, I cannot and do not speak for E.A. Koetting or on behalf of the business, Become a Living God.


How do you use superchat, is it free?

I’m not sure: I’ve never used it. No it’s not free.

You donate at least a $1 to get a superchat.

It requires a donation, that’s what makes it a superchat.

When you go to do it you can enter your card info or whatever as you get prompted.


The general rule of thumb is “don’t do stupid”, but you seem determined. Best of luck.


yeah, probably wants to ask about politics.

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What’s a prohibited question in your experience?

I wanted to ask about Arizona Wilder and her experiences attending Satanic rituals.