On the grand demon Kaltemtal

Hi everyone. I’m pathworking through works of darkness and am currently under the influence of Kaltemtal. Although I did have some interesting things happen right away (how amazing is that :P) I still think there’s more to this demon than I’m thinking.
For those who have gone through this book, or kingdoms of flames, what are your visions of its powers? What exactly does “domination” mean to you in this case anyway? And how did you feel your aura affected during the three days you’re supposed to have the sigil on you?

Honestly, I did not feel much different at all, so I evoked him again during the 3 day period to find out what was going on with that and was told that I already knew everything he could have taught me and so he felt like I was not in need of his influence. So I went ahead and burnt his sigil and moved on to the next pathworking exercise in the book. So I didn’t get to feel much from him because I was told his help could not benefit me in any new ways, so I quickly moved on to the next.

Congrats on your pathworking by the way! You will find the exercises in that book are full of surprises and very fun to complete, and if you take it very seriously your ascension should begin to unravel at a very fast pace.

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