On the Baron DePrince's water

In the begining of the course of mastering evocation there was a story about charged water. Meant that after drinking that water E A was tripped away as on some psychedelic.

Any suggestions on the method of charging?

Mix it with LSD.

I haven’t seen the video you’re mentioning, but water, alcohol, and all kinds of consumables can be charged, either with your own energy raising or the help of a spirit or deity.

Breath meditation is really good for this, and visualizing the energy you’re manipulating into the structure of whatever medium you’re charging. When it’s done, you’ll feel it.

Never gotten an acid trip out of doing that, but there have been some profound experiences from getting drinks spiked by Odin with spiritual energy.

It should suffice to place the drink on a deity’s altar or on a sigil and pray while vividly visualizing their energy pouring into the drink. Or you can just pray and let the spirit take care of the rest.