On spells and rituals that invoke adonai

I guess its safe to assume many of us aren’t fond of YHWH. However, how many do magick that invokes him in one form or another? Is it okay for someone on the left hand path to use magick like this?

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I use a lot of Damon Brand/Gallery of Magick material and they even have a book on the Goetia where you call upon names of God to evoke Demons. I just see it from a Chaos Magick perspective and decide it’s grand authority and nothing more.

I haven’t had any problems with it. One minute I’ll be working with Raziel, Haniel, and Sandalphon, and later that night I’m jamming within King Paimon amp do having a great talk with Lucifer.


Damon brand is great I bought his book the Archangel of magick on Kindle. Feeling drowsy after a evocation felt fuzzy for me.

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I believe it’s fine for anyone in the LHP to invoke Adonai. Idk what the after results would be like.

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All Adonai means is Lord, Abraham is referred to as Adonai, it’s not an exclusive Yahweh title.

But, instead of calling on Yahweh, I always call on Eheyah, which means I Am. I call it the tetragrammaton of the New Age, as it to has four letters in Hebrew.


ADONAI isn’t a name, YHVH is.

To invoke Him, an Archangel will show up.