On Putting my Best Foot Forward

Thank you for letting me join this forum.

I am just embarking in this discipline, having previous exposure to “White Light” magick alone. I am realizing the need to accept a greater and more active level of responsibility concerning my participation in the metaphysical sphere.

I would be most grateful for some feedback on conclusions that I have drawn from my solitary studies (having only recently discovered Mr. Koetting’s work). I ask no-one to share secrets with me, or offer any advice for which they deem me yet unworthy or unprepared. If you have any feedback (especially those that constructively challenge them), I would welcome them with sincere gratitude.

To start off: In considering the nature of invoking a curse, I have concluded that the best method for me to pursue is similar to the basis of physical martial arts. Many that I consider deserving of receiving unsolicited justice need no assistance from me in receiving it. Their own devices are doing quite well in that respect. There are, however those who are not so quickly succumbing to their own petards quite as fast, and are continuing to harm innocent others in its pendency. For these, when I intervene, the most efficient manner would be to use their own aggressive forces against them (in the same manner that a martial artist would employ the strength, momentum and blind fury of an opponent).

For example: In cursing someone steeped in abject greed, I would manifest a situation in which their own avarice would lead them blindly into a trap, in which they would financially destroy themselves. Someone who uses deceives and manipulates others to satisfy their own interests, would have laid out before them a cataclysmic opportunity, into which their selfish desires would compel them. One who cajoles others into bestowing charity upon them, only to betray and defame their benefactors, would be tempted with such bait toward rendering themselves alone, unaided and despised.

Any feedback is most welcome,

Awesome post,whit logick& reasoning,not doubts,tanks

Thank You, Zorrito,

I appreciate the feedback, and will take the number of views without challenge as an indication that I am not far off the mark.

Looking forward to all I might share and learn here,