On Psychic Tendrils

Hello, just wanted to relay some thoughts about psychic tendrils, their creation, and destruction. It’s my opinion that any sort of direct interaction between two people in any way whatsoever creates a psychic tendril between those two people which can then be acted upon by either side with intentions. For example in a lot of spells or curses you see the request for names, pictures of people for targeting etc…

While such items are no doubt useful for magick, and I am in no way a master of magick myself, I also firmly believe that you can target someone or be target by someone who is sensitive to such things behind the facade of something like internet anonymity. For example, you or I have a random picture as a profile on any internet medium with a random name. Sure I don’t know who that other person is, or what they look like, but I can sense and feel the tendril created from the first interaction, for example just one reply to my statement in an online chat, or one reply on a forum somewhere. The more interactions there are, the stronger the tendril becomes. It can be useful in psychic defense and offense to think about things in terms of tendrils with people because you can close them or block them or do as you will with them as long as you are aware of their existence.

For example, if I drive down the street and look at poeple in their cars, if they look back at me a tendril is created. If they ignore me completely and never acknowledge my existence something other than a car nearby, they’ve blocked the creation of the tendril on their end. Similarly if I drive down the road and just view all cars as non-human occupied objects and never look at other drivers, it completely prevents the creation of tendrils to any of these people from my point of view. If X driver decides they don’t like my existence on the road and beeps and gives me the middle finger or whatever, the option to completely ignore them as a conscious entity exists but is now more difficult because of the added weight and energy behind their attempt at creating a malevolent tendril.

So you can still block a tendril right then and there as you feel it being created, or allow it to be created then do with it as you please. Online games, any sort of interaction is the invitation for a tendril link to be created with that person, a great example of this would be direct fighting games between two players. No need to know their name, face etc… just target them through the tendril link created.

My only intention here is to verbalize something I don’t see talked about as often, and to think about things like this is potentially useful for practitioners of magick and psychics.


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I wholeheartedly believe this as well.

I’ve never really thought about this energy, but it is somewhat like tendrils for me. It’s like their energy reaching out in some way, I’ve just never considered it in the form of tendrils, but more like a whispy branch of energy.

And as you mentioned with the car example, I can also feel these “tendrils” regardless of personal interaction between myself and the target, or a link (DOB, name, direct picture of the person).

Really, all of your post resonates with me and how I view others’ energy and energy footprints that they leave behind.

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Agreed. All you need to know is that they exist, in my experience. If you can sense an energy, you can work with it, regardless of what it is, and there many, many ways of sensing energy.

The caveat is not to fool yourself, but as you gain sensitivity, you will be able to sense that say, an AI generated image, is “hollow” and is not linked to an actual person or being - but you have to stay alert and true to yourself, and not assume, or, you can supply energy to build that into a thoughtform that you think is real too. You can even build thoughtforms to interact with that replace an existing person - humans being creator beings it gets funny like that. This is common with celebs where it gets egregoric as multiple people join in to build a fantasy in their collective astral and also crushes where you build this idealized person that doesn’t really exist except for you. (Which can be fine fap fodder, but at least own what you’re doing - love spells are often done on a person when it’s the thoughtform that is actually what’s wanted.)

For me, as a qigong practioner, I don’t even call these “tendrils”, which implies some for of predatory intent - I do really think this is completely normal for humans, and are just the connections we make when we meet others. It’s part of being a social animal and is automatic, it’s not necessary for “feeding” - you can give energy to those in need too, and this is also automatic.

Exactly - you didn’t intent to “feed” off them, a psychic connection exists s soon as you know the person exists. I think that’s ok and you don’t need to control these, it’s just part of being human. It’s also how empathy is facilitated.

I would say there’s a difference between the connection (“tendril” ) and you sensing their emotion and intent. One is simply a conduit, the other is the state of their being. I would offer that this is not mean to be “malevolent” which implies a directed negative intention towards you, but simply you noting their emotional state.

There’s no need for you to take this so personally and react to it negatively - their state is about them, it’s not about you. Let it pass by and do not take it on board as your own - that’s your choice if you do so.

There’s another option - instead of looking at everything as being highly personal and having to make all these decisions as if you were under attack all the time, simply relax and look at it like you see the birds in the trees - you exist in a sea of human connection and energy - it’s not all out to get you. Why not just watch these energies as interesting patterns? Like listening to birdsong? You’re not important to the bird, and neither are you to random drivers - they’re not after you at all.

You don’t feel attacked by listening a bird that is literally telling another bird it’s going to kill it if it encroaches on it’s territory, right? - it’s not actually personal, it has nothing to do with you - so why let drivers or shoppers or random other people’s bullshit bother you so much? - It is well within your power as a sensitive to simply observe it as mildly interesting, and then brush it off like water off a ducks back.


I can see what you’re saying here but I don’t think of tendrils as necessarily predatory. It’s just a word to fit an energetic idea that words don’t really fit. So I think of the tendril also as an energy tunnel. I found a way to turn them off and enjoy life or whatever weird ass shit is going on in my head. Other people try to create them to harm me pretty much daily at my job. It’s good for my sanity to take active psychic defense when needed, there is a particular kind of hatred that I almost always reply to as well not going to lie and I’m not going to view that as some kind of disease that needs cured unless I decide that’s who I really am.

Have you ever read the Violet Throne? I’m not saying I buy everything in every book I read as absolute truth. But you can read the description of a serpent asetian in there and I fit the bill pretty much exactly. I’m not whining here but I get combated a lot for existing. It isn’t my whole life though that’s for sure.