On love spells, bring back ex, important thing on this workings

This is a copy of the post I made on another forum, but here are many lost souls seeking for help in that matter and this is must read for you.

As I was dealing with it, and there are many people here dealing with this problem, wanting to get their ex back, I will share the most important thing about love spells, which has never been told before.
The reason for this post, is to give all current and new future members, who are dealing or will deal with this problem, an inside on WHY THE SPELLS DON’T WORK very often. Almost always lol.

This post is not related to the area of “I met a hot girl in the school and want to fuck her”. In that case any of the spells posted on this forum should do the job, even for short time.

However, what happens when people are separating, is that one of them starts to think something. In most cases it’s a women, who is meeting with her man, but her behaviour is becoming strange, her thoughts are killing the relationship, but asked “what’s going on” the answear is in most cases “nothing”.

And, here comes the clue.
The love spells are designed to, and works on people feelings. They feel something. But, after you are separated, you still have a lot of emotions to yourself. One smile is making miracles, you still love flirting and spend time together, but even though you made dozens of spells, the other part is still no “no, I will not go back”.

All of you, who didn’t never found the answear on “why the spell didn’t worked”, can read it now. Most times the spell worked. Worked on feelings. But not on thoughts.
So, if you want your ex back (assuming that you had a good relationship before, I omit the cases when you were quarelling all the time), you need to do a spell, or rather call for a spirit who can change the other party’s mind. You know, for them it was also not an easy decision, which they took despite their feelings, but the thoughts were stronger. Sorry, the love spell will do only what is supposed to do. But is to weak the change the mind. And, in cases like this, the mind is above the feelings, unfortunately.

For what I can tell more, is just to give you two options which can you help to achvieve this. These to were taken by their grimoiries descriptions and people’s experiences. As of yet, I have not been working close with any of them.

  1. Goetic King Paimon - as he can bind any person under your will and can change the thoughts of people when called
  2. Goetic Duke Dantalion - he is able to put any thought into mind of anybody, so they will think it’s theirs own. He is able to delete any thought and memory from people’s minds and put the ones, that the one who call him wants. He is also able to make any people love you.

They both are extremely powerful, however you can often read about the latter that he is nice, good, polite and lots of this. Don’t be misguided by this. Any demon is way powerful, than we can imagine.

For love matters - sometimes a simple candle spell is good. But if you can, call for Zepar (Goetia) or Satanachia (Grimorium Verum)

Except evocation, there are also other methods to work with them. For most of the people, for which this post will be useful, evocation is something not achievable in the time they want to succeed in having back the ex. But I will no post any method here. Not because I am cruel or not wanting to share. It took me almost a year to understand this. Few days ago I just got my illumination Happy And, I am quiet about the methods on purpose, because, if you want to be succesfull with the magic, put, please, some effort on yourself. Your magic will never be succesfull, until you will get at least good basics and understating on just how to do the simplest spell.

Thank you, sorry for cruelity, lots of you will be head down here, or will open the Evoking Eternity or Key of Solomon. What you will do is yours. I just wanted to give you a path, when are in the horrible state of deprresion, anger, lost love and all of that. I hope, also, hence the title, that people looking this kind of spell will read this.

BTW, I do not want this thread to become like “so what should I do to get her back”. In rituals and spells section there are tons of spells for this.
If any of the staff will find a proper thing to close this thread, I am ok. I just wanted to give the people knowledge an the direction, which they are not aware when looking for this, and which is extremely important, maybe even the most important factor.



Yea, but I found that I will be wise to post it also here. Not everyone is here and there and on EM.

I’ve never wanted one of my exes back - probably because, after three months in a shallow grave, they’d not be much good to me? - but seriously, I read that one of the reasons when women go off a man, they REALLY go off him is to do with pheromones.

We may like to think we’re civilised, sensitive beings, but women have always had more at risk from having sex than men - the investment of energy and health during pregnancy, risk of death or being crippled during delivery, plus raising the child, whereas male biological investment in sex and the resulting pregnancy is comparatively minor.

While there are arguments all ways about this, if a woman’s no longer sexually attracted to you, no amount of nice stuff will win her over because we do USUALLY view sex as a slightly more significant thing, so for what it’s worth (and I speak as someone’s who’s gone off more than one boyfriend almost overnight), work on whatever will help with that biological attraction first and foremost.

It is, sadly, possible for a woman to still really like your company and humour, shared interests etc., whilst finding you about as sexually attractive as a decomposing rat - but be sexy, and (as you’ll know if you’ve ever seen a girl you liked date a complete idiot), we’ll often put up with any amount of flaws.

I don’t claim to speak for ALL women but I do know this has been true for me, and the close friends I’ve talked to about this - so, if you can fix the attraction factor, you’re probably onto a winner.


Sounds like you learned the difference between a love spell and reconciliation, they’re two different beasts and have to be handled in different manners.

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help me for bring back my lover

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Cheval stop posting everywhere that u want your ex back and asking our help…help yourself in the first place


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