On godforms

Hi, I’m new here.

I’m looking for resources,like sigils on godforms, as I haven’t found much about it.

I was thinking of making my own sigils and hymns for evoking aspects of deities like runes for the Norse pantheon, but I wonder how to do this for other pantheons.

You don’t need sigils for deities.
You can find hymns for most deities online.

Before approaching a specific aspect, make a relationship with the whole spirit and work with I it. It will reveal its aspects to you.

For future reference:

Demons have sigils
Angels have seals
Deities/gods/goddesses have symbols

and only some deities have symbols, some of which were created by humans like you and I and were not provided by the deity themself. I have never used any symbols when calling upon a god or goddess because there is much confusion there. I usually just use a visual representation of them based on what others have drawn, then once I actually see that deity, I use my own visual representations as well as other items that are known to be associated with that deity such as specific herbs, gems, crystals, metals, etc.

once successful contact has been established, I personally would ask that deity to channel a symbolic image thru you, something that can be used from there on out to contact them. Ask them to create a symbol that can be linked to them and draw it on paper. You can use scrying or various channeling methods to obtain one from them if they agree to provide one.

I would also point out that if any entity provides you with a symbolic image that can be used to establish contact with them, an image that no one else has, one that is nowhere to be found online, it would be wise to keep that image to yourself as the image is personal to you and sharing it with others may weaken that link as others begin to use the same image for contact.