On behalf of Magician Wand Creation

Dear @Rory_Mclellan,

Regarding your question on Magician Wand Creation,
here’s some Source Material to work with,
to give some overview,
about what is used,
and how it’s used.

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While carving the Wands Symbols,
and incantations on it;

Collect the chisels and waste from that process.

Make a brew from it’s waste material,
with alcohol,
adding Gemstones which you want to give power from,
into the finished product.

Also add incenses you want to essencly go into the Material.

Slowly heat that Brew,
just Electric plate setting 1-3,
or Gas small flame.

The Temperature should not go over 63 Degrees,
while concecrating the brew.

As the Alcohole starts to move out of the pot,
and the material becomes less liquid,
you start adding Oil,
and also add a Teaspoon of Sulfur,
if you have it around.

(The sulfur further merges the different properties together,
and induces the Alchemical Process.
You don’t need much of it,
but a little.)

Gemstone powders,
should be added after the Sulfur is already in the brew.

You keep adding oil,
until the Alcohole is replaced with oil.

let it simmer at that low Temperature for at least 3 hours.

The Mixture,
will start showing off some unusual properties.

You can then,
if you want,
add Blood and liquid ingredients you see fit.

I would definately add some Honey,
since that usually helps making the Wand Obidient to you,
and loyal only to you.

Once you have that mixture finished,
you apply it to the Outside of the Staff,
and where you’ve put Runes and Symbols,
you make sure,
to apply it into the Inward Carvings.

That will change the Color of the Wand.

it needs to dry,
ideally either in Sunlight,
or low temperature ofen,
for about 6-12 Hours at least.

Cooling after that,
at least one day.

Ideal 3 Days.

At that point,
when it’s cooled off,
you can test the product,
and use it for spellcasting.

The inside of the Wand,
should be carved out a very thin hole,
into which,
you apply a thing String of Linnen,
or other material phaser.

The Phaser,
should me mixxed with the most density of powdered Gemstone,
and Incense powders,
and gets in there without being heat treated.

It needs to stay in it’s cold,
non heated state,
to fusing it,
you can use the brewed elixier oil,
and extra sulfur.

Be careful tho,
the Sulfur can start eating the materials,
when it gets to much,
but you can counter that,
with some Ash,
ideally Ashes of burned sigils.

To get the Phaser material into the wand,
you want a long metal needle,
which should be a little smaller then the whole in the Wand.

The Wands handle,
where the Whole for the inside of the Wand was carved,
is being closed of with Bee wax, or Portal Candle Wax,
once it’s filled and merged with the wood material around it.

The inner core,
which wasn’t heat treated,
and thereby remained “raw”,
is where you astrally attach the Soul essence energies to.

Charging the wand,
you want to fill it with Astral Energy,
so it’s soul forms nicely.

I write those informations here on balg,
so you can rest and find calmness,
my friend.

I was glad,
we looked into the topic already,
but i think it’s easier this way,
and we don’t have to come to holds,
having to look for time to catch up with making notes,

others can benefit from the general mechanisms aswell.

Once you have the Wax Seal on the back,
you can add another Crystal (preferably a round, or big one),
to the End of the Handle,
which ideally,
represents collecting properties,
to absorb more energy into the wand,
and natrually keep it charged,
aswell as charging it further throughout spellcasting.

In general,
the Magicians wand mechanism,
is that of a Filter,
and a funnel,
a cone.

You basically take a big amount of Energy at the Handle,
in terms of the Energy flow,
and than inside the wand,
it purifies,
structures into the spell required mechanisms and energies,
and push it out,
in a thin laserlike beam,
or a burst of a small sphere of energy,
which then goes into the location,
where it’s supposed to create the effect,
the manifestation of the Spell.

there are cases in which the Wand also kind of act’s like a pencil,
when you carve Symbols into mid Air,
like for example,
drawing a Sigil,
Symbol of Power,
or a Specific Item you evoke.

Conjurative power,
always comes from the Sorcerer,
and isn’t inherrent within the wand,
by applying the Conjerative Power to the wand,
as for example with the Shemyaza Master Key,
it gains more capacity for that,
and can in some cases,
even substitude your own capacity there.

The wand,
techniqually is only an extension of the Sorcerers body,
just like the sword is one of the knight,
or the knife one of the chef.

the Wand will grow into it’s own essence,
and start developing a Personality,
which will be based off on your own personality.

So please keep that in mind aswell.

It both,
absorbs your positive aswell as your negative emotions,
unless you specifically decide to make it filter out only specific ones.

unless you bind that filter mechanism into one of the Crystals inside the Wand,
it won’t stay permanently filtering that way,
but only for a period of time,
until you either renew the filter,
or make it permanent,
you can expect the filtering to wear off after a few casts.


Anything you want to add / correct on that Process?
Any extra suggestions,
on the crafting of the Wands Core?

Thank you. :sunny:




I absolutely love this. :black_heart::heart:
Somwehrer mordred was born… this lifetime
Sorry but that just came about :woman_shrugging:
This is what I would do if I was in a wand work room.

Ideas Yes.
a) Rowen gave a craving for Rowen combined power of woods and types as in dual active woods: I mean Rowen interwoven either by shavings with 1) a “protective” like (sandalwood =though I don’t think that combination works)= or
Oak with Rowen resins
Or a fire essence wood with water for a steaming “battle”?
Or Fire essence wood with Air essence for Smoke which is useful for sending messages I would use copper with essence of platinum dandelion as a solar effect the Will of the sourcerer.

I know someone who uses wood glue and twine… but… hmmm. That’s his choice.

I would combine a wood that represents poison with a water element.

c) The combined idea of even Apple and Willow not just the savings but also t oo give it as inserted a claw like experience.
Lithium stones or even herkimer dipped in lithium

Hmm you can use back obsidian with calsite inserts & bloodstone
To cause poison cramps in target add dragon’s eye and the fuminouse essences of mercury treated… Not the raw rock unless your game … I wo u place this over Rowen with silver and copper wiring threads … not oak
Use on water elemen trees… infuse with mental fires .
Blood yes. Use blood I approve of the honey or liquid molasses

Dragons eye w with dragon’s bone aka dragon’s wood
(That’d be fun)

The essential idea of wood creation is t o infuse with sounds vibrations song as you stir that pot sing 540 hrs 444 hrz double that pitch by one and 3/4.

Always burn the correct candles to match the wands intent
Contrary to be w h at you have been told. Use black to Enhance then light the brown to heal you mat adds a green if you can o we.
Dfo so with burning bay leaf mugwart motherwart typing s o s low next time I give it in my head

I’m sure you on o w wh loose talking now @Yberion2
Oh I’m having fun.

b) I have a sandalwood with recent addition of quartz at top and black Taumaline at base… Azazel want red his sigil on it. So have screen watched it on and will look at a carving implement at some point

e) I’ll commission one as I not have alchemical o r woods or tools at his time of my life

Aaah the core. Then it’s the solar aspect if you follow physical body as a template then the central essence would need Solar like gold and copper wiring the varnish include either dandelion or perhaps nettle essential oils before applying it.


The core. Keep it wood. If it’s not wood then blend the silver or brass sender rods so they are entwined serpents
Aragonite and dragons love keep as a pure combination with the woods elemental frequency.

If you are creating the change reality stir the pot forward then reverse. When combining ingredients.

Tar has been used as glue. If organic rather than increasing toxicity.

When I am having control next time we can get t he suitable w o rks of power to infuse a long the way.
Correct carving with c correct programmed wands.
Remember that feathers also are useful.


I made a wand a bit ago, though I didn’t follow nearly as many steps I suspect you’re only connecting more with your wand. Something I love about my wand is the tree it came from. I call her “Ma’ma Lilac”.

I think it’s important to feel connected to the roots of your wand. Ask the a tree if you may use it’s wood for your work. It was obvious to me whether or not I was welcomed by the emotions I felt while asking a tree. :blush:

I believe Ma’ma Lilac called my attention to her when I showed an interest in carving a wand. I later I found out that the Lilac tree was bought by my birth mom who I was separated from at age 10. She wanted to plant it at my old childhood home, but due to CPS the family broke up, before she planted it. Grandpa ended up with her and decided to plant her out front of his house. Once I was old enough I moved back in with Grandma and Grandpa.

I also offer the ashes from my rituals back to Ma’ma Lilac while asking her to bless my work.

Good luck :smile::last_quarter_moon_with_face:


Hello @Yberion

A couple of months ago I got this idea for a wand, I have the parts but the actual construction has been delayed for a couple of reasons. Maybe I was waiting for this topic.

I have a copper tube of 12 mm diameter and in this I plan to place as a core a thick thread of braided copper (this is the core of a bamboo wand at the moment). This core will be covered with crushed quartz crystals and enclosed in resin.

At the top and bottom of the wand are detachable caps with various gemstones that I cut. Depending on the operation a suitable cap (with stone) for the top is selected. The bottom cap will also be detachable and act as an attractor of energies (when it is detached) and battery.

So, the bottom stone powers it, the shaft conducts it (with neutral crystals and the copper) and the top stone acts as a lens through which the energy is projected.

I thought of a copper tube as shaft because it is straight and easy, but last week I learned to work on a lathe and may do that instead.

What do you think?



You could have steped into research yourself aswell,

I only referenced public sources here,

except the actual instructions,
on how to do it exactly.

which again,
could be gotten from a spirit like Olivander,
which actually specializes on how to make them.

(who i asked to write that Article aswell,
it’s not like i knew that stuff such exact and detailed,
before i wrote it. ^^)

your method is correct.

Just know,
that the inside where you fuse the chipped crystals back together,
should have way more personal energy from you mixxed in with it,
rather then just being crystal.

Try to take some favorite tea of yours,
favorite flowers,
some of your own hair,
finger nails,
-you know,
just really make the mixture more personalized!!

And also add at least some incense (frankincense or copal),
and at least some chips of a gem aligned with your energy (either trough charging,
or by being selected based on birth zodiac sign),
so you have more specific energies there,
then just blank clear quartz.

As a Magician Wand,
it should be actually matching your energy,
not just being some random clean energy.

you want to cover the handle with a strap,
so only a few fingers actually touch the Copper,
(if at all),
as the copper does connect energy very well,
but is toxic by itself,
and shouldn’t be in contact with so much skin,
for long periods of time.

for the actual use,
you want a handle which isn’t toxic. :wink:




Ok. Good morning. I think Ashala took over last night.
This morning looking online sites

This is mine:

Druidic siller wand shamanic. Pinterest


Thank you,
Morgana the nineth.



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Fantastic wand visuals on that post. I know that many magicians say one should construct their own, and I have, but my favorite wand in my collection is a Blackthorne wand I purchased at Treadwell’s in London.

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The best wand, is no Wand at all…


Nice work and correct prescribed length!


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