On Becoming a God

Are you not a great one dakkel.
I found myself only this year, and only now I can really see that there are many. Even better, I can now understand what I thought the non-nonsensical concepts we are getting acquainted to.

How exiting.


well i guess it will be up to the kundalini. it does transform a person a lot. regular spirituality i agree with what you are saying. what do i desire? i want a healthy body, and money. thats it. i want to look into occultism and longevity and be have power. NOT materialistic power over people. just inner willpower and energy to do things everyday. my body is so broken, poor and falling apart i cannot leave my bed everyday and im only 28. my body has aged to that of an old man from stress .

I feel you have been bedridden the last week due to my recurring back issues due to military service and I hang with a walking cane I’m just 32 years old and have been like this since I came back from Iraq in 2009. Yet my spirit is strong and even though coughing or laughing brings unbearable pain in my back I’m still happy. Just meditate on what you really want but more importantly why. Once you get those sorted out you will have a clear goal and path. As for magick power after 15 years of study and practice I learned that magick is very, very simple it is the systems of magick that kind of get complicated along the way. If you devote time to cultivate your mind and will power magick will come really easy. Why do you think Jason Miller from the sorcerers handbook fame say his number one practice is meditation; his second offerings to his spiritual allies. Eventually the line between sorcerer and mystics blur and you realize that the same spark that animates your concioisness animates all. I hope you find what you need and get what you want along the way. May the Great Spirit and my beloved guru bless you Ma dude or dudette.

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I don’t think of me as great. I’m a man who has made more mistakes he can count and with a huge bag of regrets. Just trying to do better on my next half of my life man. Get closer to the Eternal present and live as blissfully and joyfully as I can. After all the true quest of all souls is happiness. Everything else the try to get are crutches for their sense of happiness as they have conditioned their joy to external circumstances.

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think of this dakkel.
If infinity exists, and there are an infinite versions of you.
For one second, thank the yourself of the past on becoming who you are now,
And for this second. You know who thanked who.

Like you thinking. My guru says when a person helps other is just God helping God. Thanks so much to yiu too. For guruness resides in all souls who makes us stop and go within. As the church of all religion salute says “may you never thirst; thou art God.

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this made sense to me but at the same time. doesnt kundalini destroy all your goals and dreams like mentioned above? the guy chris said he lost all material desire. why would i need to make the world see to how i fit if i will have no desires after kundalini

its hard for me and because i have neuropathy. also my family has a genetic disease that kills us around age 50-60. my thing is. why bother going through awakening if im just going to die anyway and lose all my desires like wanting to travel etc. what do i need kundalini for if i lose all material desires like you did. we literally get all this power only to desire absolutely nothing. if i had the power but could use it as who i am now then i would actually be able to create my reality since now i desire will power, strength, and money. but kundalini destroys material wants. so basically the power is useless to me. i dont have a desire to heal, teach or anything else. all i ever wanted was a crazy amount of willpower, energy for money, longevity and to be able to travel and do what i want. but if this energy is just going to destroy my attachment to material living and enjoying life, why even bother going through it and be alive at all. i love design, architect and wanted to build my own house. there goes that desire, i wanted to travel, live life enjoy and get a wife. i wanted to do so many things. now i go through this forever and have all this power and its useless to me. i dont need this power if i have no reason for it. im not a loving person, i dont desire to change the world and i dont intend to hurt anyone. but i do desire money because i love having freedom . but this energy gets rid of material desires . so fucking frusterating

when you went through kundalini, do you still enjoy any of the same things you did before??

Yes I did but many things become more rational believe it or not. You start seeing some things that are just time waster in your life. I’m a follower of yogananda but that doesn’t mean I agree 100 percent with his views in things like sex or psychedelics. I see him as having something I want. But I still enjoy sex, alchohol or psychedelics. Also still love my Dingeons and dragons and such. You just become more aware of the things that take you off balance and more rational about choices. And reactions like anger and fear become more concious instead of automatic. Is not like your going to become holier that thou thing. Is just you are more aware and in control of you being. I’m not perfect or anything. I still get angry and such is just I am concious at what I become angry.
Think of insults for example. Why get angry at them? Is because Is a conditioned response, you where taught that you should be angry at those words. But when you rationalize them is pointless to get angry at an insult since is just a word. So you internalize this realization and become aware at the reactive process behind it and stop it from making you miserable. I hope it makes sense.

I am a patient of PTSD due to military service. And all my kriya yoga practice has done is help me get off the pills. I have been pill free for almost 5 years now. Not saying it would work for you. But is worth the try.

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It doesn’t kill dreams, goals and hopes.

You kind of care “less” on a spiritual level. You don’t become some ogre but just more chill. Death tends to not bother you as much. You don’t get angry as easily really. It’s more of a “Not going to worry about what I can’t control” type thing.

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A melody’s purpose is not to reach the end, and neither is dancing’s goal to reach a certain point in the floor.

The Goal is not to end the symphony. Also: define goal? The whys and hows.
Why do you want a goal?

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Truth man or lady. Is about being. Just be don’t try, just be.

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why do I want a goal. I want a goal to be healthy so I dont have to live in bed the rest of my life and cure my incurable neuropathy. its a GOAL . I want a goal to have freedom but the stupid kundalini has to destroy my ego identity and prior goals and force me on a soul purpose. my goal is to be free from source, god , and anything else in my way. I hate god, angels , teachers, gurus. they have never helped me. I want a goal to not be forced by the kundalini to live the way it wants and to complete the dreams I had before instead of being stuck on a one way track soul purpose that kundalini gives us. it makes us surrender our ego and forces us to follow a different path then the one we had prior. I wish I could get rid of my kundalini I hate having something inside of me deciding what can stay and what can go

Paint me, what will you do if you could arrive at this goal?

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If im healthy I can travel, see the world, get a wife , DO things. its not about doing anything specific. its about being able to just enjoy life instead of living in bed the rest of my life. get rid of your yogic teachings of giving up desire and all that bullshit. we come to earth to enjoy life and fulfill our dreams. If I was healthy I would go anywhere and do anything. especially without god or kundalini or anything else. I could be completely free to do what I want in every moment. TRUE freedom

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