On acceptance


Dear souls of light. If anothers truth does not resonate with you, that is fine and all is well. Let go of the need to be ‘right’ over anothers truth. It is not our job to project our own truths, views, opinions and beliefs onto our fellow
human beings with aggression. If we are doing this, it is because we are wishing to control and dominate. Our mind/ego has taken over and it wishes to come out on top as the ‘superior’ one with more knowledge than the other ‘inferior’ person. This is called ‘spiritualized ego’ and it will keep you separated and stuck from growing higher. There is no 'right or ‘wrong’ dear friends. All just is and all is ONE expressing itself through its own unique filter creatively. There is no need for judgement. Wisdom is found within the stillness of our bing and beyond mind. We each have a unique journey to travel in life, so our inner truth is bound to alter for each personal journey of life.

There is no need to engage in power stuggles with each other. Conflicts that arise with each other does not serve higher purpose or spiritual growth. Many are still viewing the world as separate, as ‘I’ and 'them, ’ and this view only comes through a filter of the mind/ego. Being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is a made up belief our mind projects through judgements of anothers way of experiencing reality. If another persons truth does not resonate with you, that is perfectly fine, there is no need to get emotionally charged about your beliefs and force another to see them. All is well and it really does not matter at all. What matters is moving into the heart and going beyond all these beliefs from just mind; connecting with unconditional love, acceptance and compassion for all beings on earth and beyond.

We have reached a point when being kind is more important than being right. If you truly wish to show the world what you know within your heart of hearts… simply become the living embodiment of your truth. Unconditional love is a uniting force, not a separating force. Embody the essence of compassion and unconditional love, make that your primary force in life. This will not only serve your own growth, but the growth of all of humanity. We are ONE.

~ Abigail Wainwright