does any body else have a problem with the price ? i think it might be to much for me. i just ordered the $400 book and now this comes out. i just dont get it if were already paying a membership fee you would think it would be free.


Money is a problem in some sort of way for everyone…you have a society that is fueled by pay instead of barter…no matter who, they have a money issue as the mind functions to acquire and then deplete…so know that you are not the only one with your problems with money…everyone looks at it that way. The central machine or computer is designed to produce money…if you choose to be in the midst of any type of production, it will cost. So I know it is not much of a consolation…but you are not by yourself…

For myself, I cancelled the video interview series and made a decision not to buy the books, and will go for the divination series…just making priorities an issue…and central planning before for most people can work…planning ahead they call it… I do not have any set salary or income that comes in…all mine is irregular as I am a salesman…Ha…and I have bills or over $3000 a month going out before I make any profit…try sleeping in that situation for 30 years…lol…and see how you become a fighter…but I digress…go ahead and get it.

Uncle Fester


I’m happy you voiced your personal opinion. I think it’s valid, and here is my reply to acknowledge and satisfy your questioning.

In the program, you receive over 9 hours of E.A.'s best, and most effective rituals, strategies and knowledge for successful divination - so you can literally acquire magickal omniscience - so you actually develop real skill at this area of the occult for the rest of your life.

The tuition for the entire program is only $299.85. This is in the same range as the cost of a quality, physical grimoire. The difference of course, is that Mastering Divination is in rich, audio-video format, with live instruction and demonstration of all the rituals, thus making it a far superior learning tool, than a mere, static book.

From this point of view alone, I believe we are being more than fair.

Furthermore, we also provide the option of breaking the tuition down into 5 monthly payments of only $59.95, for your convenience, because we understand individuals may have to stretch their budget a little to afford their occult education. (Keep in mind, a measurable percentage of people will simply make the initial first month’s downpayment, download the product, then refuse to pay the remainder of their installments. They steal.)

In this sense, we are the one’s taking the lion’s share of the risk, not you.

Let’s look at it from a third, economic perspective:

$299 / 9 hours = $33 per hour for private coaching with E.A.

It’s clearly an excellent deal on an hourly basis.

In fact, E.A. wanted to charge much higher, but I kept the tuition down.

I honestly believe we’re being very generous at our current price point.

i just ordered the $400 book and now this comes out. i just dont get it if were already paying a membership fee you would think it would be free.

I’m happy you decided to get the Complete Works tome. I sincerely hope you’ll cherish it for as long as you live. And thanks for being a loyal supporter of our work and movement. We genuinely appreciate you - this is why, as co-creator of Become A Living God, I’m taking time from my day to personally address and resolve your complaint, publicly.

Here’s how I think about your issue:

The Mastering Divination program, the Complete Works, and the Interview Series are three totally different items, so you compared apples to oranges to bananas.

None are related in any direct way.

In my mind, it’s an error to assume that studying one stand-alone program necessarily entitles you to any other for free.

If you buy a car at a dealership, does that entitle you to a second one gratuitously?

Each product has unique manufacturing and maintenance costs that factor into the price we’ve set, based on our sales expectations.

In plain English, just giving out this product for free - even if only to members of the interview series - would bankrupt the project, and kill any projected growth we are forecasting.

It would be a fatal mistake.

Now, this does beg the question, how do we intend on rewarding the most loyal members of our community?

Firstly, I believe we already are. We do you the favor of eliminating all risk for you by providing free trials for our eBook and interview series, as well as 7-day risk free trials with a no-questions-asked refund guarantee for our video programs.

That’s already pretty charitable. We take all the risk.

I don’t know anyone else who makes their digital book available for a free trial, and if you dislike it, we cancel the order and let you keep it as a free gift. And the same applies for the first month of the interview series.

Secondly, we plan on running sales on all our programs at various times throughout the coming years. If a person is unable to financially afford a course right now, then they will surely be able to at some point in the future when we have it at reduced price.

Thirdly, we will most likely implement bundles. Meaning, several years down the road, as an example, we’d combine all 3 Mastery Programs into one giant package, at a bulk discount, where you save 20% by getting them all together.

Not to mention, beyond all this, we are going to be doing free giveaways, magick competitions, lotteries, and more.

We are literally doing everything we can to make this project and movement grow as fast and healthily as it can, while rewarding and benefitting as many of you as possible.

I hope you have followed my logic through this length, detailed reply, and understand that we actually are helping you save money, eliminate risk, and learn magick in the most dynamic and compelling format with the most advanced technology available today.

I’m happy you voiced your opinion, and I encourage you to do it again if you ever have another question or comment.

P.S. On a personal note, I know it’s frustrating to want something, and to be unable to get it. I recommend reframing this experience as an opportunity for you to apply the power of your magick to the goal of materializing the means of bringing this educational resource for the advancement of your divination into your life.

Test yourself.



damn timothy you sold me!!! ive been rolling it around in my head for the past hour however im not to interested in the divination as much anymore i used to be into it years ago. the omnipotence program is what im really looking forward to any idea when it will be ready? and will it be at the same price?


the price is REALLLY FAIR, im watching the program right now and it is great
congratulations guys


We are writing the screenplay now - already fucking amazing.

E.A. is pulling out all the stops and will reveal information and experimental evocation rituals that are terrifyingly powerful - as well as solid, reliable, bread and butter rituals for regular practitioners.

Exact tuition is undetermined yet, but is probably going to be in the same neighborhood.

Keep in mind we’ve already promised that every program we ever make will be under $500, so that every course in our educational curriculum is accessible to anyone that really wants to learn.

Also, consider as a possibility studying more than just the upcoming Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence program. We are designing a truly remarkable catalog of masterclasses.

The one that excites me most is Necromancy: Resurrecting The Dead. As far as I’m concerned, reanimating a biological organism post-morten is the ultimate magick.


When will the Necromancy program be available? And is a shapeshifting program being considered as well? Those two, I am interested in.


The way I put the price into perspective was comparing it to other things I want to buy and comparing what I would get out of the two.

I could spend $3000 easily on airfare and accommodation for a 2 week holiday abroad. Then after the 2 weeks are over all I can do is remember it and look at photos. Or I could put a fraction of that money into learning the 3GP (actually practice every day and not just watch the videos), and have a set of skills that will remain with me forever. Skills I can use to travel abroad in an instant, or travel to other realms. Skills that when mastered, can more than repay the initial cost of learning them.
I always look at what my investment may return… there aren’t many investments that return Godlike power!


Looking good so far, I’m up to the tarot section.
I know very little about tarot but I’ve got the Rider Waite deck which I bought a few weeks back. However, the differences between the Thoth and Rider Waite decks are confusing me a bit. Am I able to take what EA is saying with the Thoth deck, for example with the elemental correspondences to each suit, and apply it to the Rider Waite deck?


Divination is something I’ve kind of skipped over in my practice. It never really sounded “cool” enough tor me, especially when compared to the evocation of demons but I cannot wait for my magick to bring me the means to purchase this program. I now believe Divination to be a necessary skill, one I really really lack.
I’m really looking forward to it, hopefully soon.


It all looks awesome but it’s a damn shame that the 5 monthly payments aren’t possible for PayPal. Bummer… :frowning:


Bran, blame Paypal for having several strange limitations in their payment processing system that makes it difficult for us to manage our customer account access.

Check your email for my private assistance.


Thanks a million, Timothy. Much appreciated.

On a sidenote… ,I wasn’t blaming you guys. :wink: