This Question always arises in my mind that Are Spirits,Entities and Demons are OMNIPRESENT…
I mean in every corner of the Universe …in this world no matter which country which state???
And they are listening to us while we try to contact them and we could contact them from Every corner of this world?
Peace :v:

I’d like to say yes, but honestly I’m not 100% certain. Though my personal hypothesis is, yes they are, for they exist in another dimension where Space is meaningless, Time has no restrictions. So, when they’re called, they appear almost instantly. Though this is my thought on the matter. There are probably more knowledgeable experts on the subject.

Depending on the entity

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They aren’t typically eavesdropping on you. If you have a connection they definitely can be. I’ve had several let me know they heard me when I really didn’t want anyone to. Some also I guess scan you each time they are around and just pick it out of your memories. It very much depends on the spirit.


You mean they appear instantly in Ghost World a.k.a Astral Realm or another dimension but not in Physical World … cause of some laws in this $ that world…

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When we call them…Let if I Astral Projected the moment i got out of body i called “Lord Lucifer” by chanting his name and whatever will appear how would i know that He is Official “Lord Lucifer” not any other parasitic Entity just came to suck my energy…

No they’re not, but they don’t need to be; having sometimes hundreds of thousands of underlings and extrasensory abilities at their disposal.

It’s like an NSA equivalent of the kind of reach they have, just obviously more powerful.

No, they are not omnipresent. They are extradimensional. They don’t really exist in a form until the moment they are called. As Azazel says in The Book of Azazel, “the moment you contemplate me, i come into being.”

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Well if they did they would’ve seen me do some weird shit when no one was around…