This maybe a kinda of dumb question but bare with me.

I see a lot discussions on this forum that people believe that are secrets and spirits that above power and creation itself. So that leads me to the question is there anything out there higher than omnipotence AKA all powerful.

Because it seems to be that the occult and everything and anything above it is never ending.


The only thing that is all powerful, in my opinion, is the Eternal Source. Anything with form is necessarily limited by that form. That is why, when you soul travel above Sat Nam, you become pure consciousness and lose all sense of self.


Thanks I will keep that in mind. Its just so weird because as big as the occult is and man is it big its basically infinite. People run these beings that are above power itself and creation but I even if they are above the eternal source and is powerful than it I still think that are contained in it no matter powerful or above powerful you are you still contained in the eternal source

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I don’t think anything can be above the Eternal Source. The Eternal Source is All That Is, that which brings Creation into being, and thus all things hold pieces of that Source. To be above Source, would mean you were somehow outside of it, and in my opinion, that just isn’t possible based on the very definition of the concept.

I know there are people that believe that there are other universes with their own Eternal Source, but I don’t buy that. The multiverse theory of quantum physics posits a multiverse of probabilities, not whole universes unique unto themselves.

Ultimately though, it is all just theory and opinion. No one really knows if anything is above Source, because if anyone successfully got there, they would cease to exist as what they were and couldn’t tell us.


:thinking: multiverse theory when applied to magick doesn’t seem that crazy if you consider the law of correspondence.

On the micro scale and relative perspective this could be taken from the perspective of evoking multiple forces (elements,planets spirits ect) in the same ritual. The attention is split throughout on the multiple focuses. From the macro side the creation of universes is compared to a session of meditation from the perspective of the all holding focus on multiple universes doesn’t seem too far out there. :thinking: now how this info could be used practically in a way that is of tangible benefit no clue :man_shrugging:

I really like “primordial elementalism”.

I think there’s Void, but it doesn’t really exist. Void is an awesome thing to contemplate, but the fact that stuff exists corrupts any part of Void that any observer could ever interact with.
I also think there’s Source, or at least the causal starting point of all the causes that an observer could ever be effected by.

Chaos, and the Absurd, are inherently hard to define and talk about, but I’ve seen enough weird shit to think that weirdness is a fundamental force of reality. Time might actually run backwards…

If course the occult is infinite :grin:

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