Omfg does it not work [EVP]

so my first time playing with evp right i have a had ache from it i was trying to see if i can find my master on the line right but no just no since im in the hospital on third floor i pick up kids on th line one wanted to see my daughter so he said the bed was too high up then one started messing with me it was going off in the red so i turned around then it stopd so i turn back to the computer n it went off aain then it laughed i think it ran out the room after that thn one told me it was warm in the room and he died from a stroke can these things actually pick up a demonic wave from him or no he made it malfuncton last night so i assumed it does this was an intruging experiment i was scared but i got use to it it bring m back to when i was a kid hearing voices that i now know were very real

Like with anything, you get what you pay for esp with the technical stuff. This means payment in both local currency and more importantly personal time and study. Even better, apprentice under an adept ghost hunter (even remotely). Esp one who builds their own shit psyonics style with copper & crystals enhancing the operation.

I have seen some impressive stuff when the kit used was top notch. You tube is an asset for such builds.

i have sen the vid of the envocation of lillith thats why i wanted to see if it would work for me i got it from the app store on my laptop and it freaked me out a bit cause ghost use to talk to me wen i was younger and the energies started to change i didnt speak to my master but little kids one wanted to see my daughter but said shes too high up then on asked me if i was ok then i got asked if i was nervous then i was asked if i was timid then i started getting random words it seems as i sang they came in to talk but if i wasnt they wouldnt

Were you using a ghost app? If so which one

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its just called ghost detector app

So, do you want real-time communication, take an Olympus voice recorder, plug in the headphones, you can listen to the playback as you’re recording. I haven’t had a chance to actually get any of it documented, but I’ve had Fairly good success in the past with two way communication.

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idk if i want to this was just an expreiment since my master told me i wasnt ready to meet in person yet

Check out the YouTube channel “huff paranormal”. I am not affiliated in any way. I just watch a lot of YouTube and his set up is elaborate…and he gets very clear results…i.e. Sentences sometimes.


ill check it out it will help me not be as scared

MI think so for the following reasons:

The guy routinely has “uncomfortable” type conversations by normal folks standards and you can see how he seems to handle it without having a panic attack.

After seeing the very basic methods he uses to protect himself, which appears to work out for him… You should gain more confidence in the myriad of much more effective methods of banishing outlined here repeatedly on the forum.

As a side note, I think that regardless of the common advice from many to not worry about banishing, I absolutely do not agree with that for most people in most cases. You can most definitely explain to your guides and allies that you are clearing out all the astral residue and uninvited critters, give them a waiver and nuke anything else causing you to feel uncomfortable. If you are repeatedly feeling “off” for whatever reason, run down or having random weird thoughts…banish again. Set up wards. Banish some more. Build astral filters on your entrance doors as well. Taking control, total control, of your personal space is exercising your command over your reality. You alone reserve the right to issue and revoke invitations, intentional and unintentional, into your sacred space.

Moving forward. Clear the space of residue. If you banish you must invoke…nature dislikes a vacuum… So call in who or whatever you wish to communicate with… Test em to confirm… Respectful dismiss when done… And banish again as active temples light up the astral and “others” sometime peek inside to see if their is any extra energy to steal… So respectfully banish is my humble opinion.

I absolutely personally banish daily, it’s a good habit. That being said, while I completely accept the sometime strange consequences of my behaviors, I am absolutely not about to allow those around me to be affected by proxy without my knowledge. I consider such things an attack and respond accordingly.

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