Old witch, new path: new member intro

Hello Everyone. I’m Vanta!

I’ve been scrolling through the forum for a while and figured I should probably make an account since I find myself here almost everyday. I’ve practiced magick my entire life but didn’t start on the LHP until a couple years ago, but have only recently been able to throw myself into it. Since I have a little more downtime than usual (thanks covid?) I’ve been putting a lot of energy into stripping back all the old learned habits of white magic, and have been rebuilding my magic foundation as a luciferian, and I already feel the difference. I definitely see myself exploring vampirism, lycanthropy, qliphoth, yatuk dinoih, and the 9 gatekeepers are also in my future. But at this time I’m mostly just doing research on all paths so I can feel it out as I go. If anyone could recommend good intro books for any path, I love to read! In the mean time if you have tips for astral projection it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve made it to the vibrations multiple times but am having a hard time moving past that point, but I think it’s just because I get too excited.

Thank you! :black_heart:


Welcome home @Vanta! This is one the best resources around for all things lhp that I have found. What particular paths are you interested in reading about most right now? Gallery of magick has a lot of really good books as does BALG. If you are interested in more grey areas Aeon Woer, blavatsky, Arthur e Powell and Campbell are all great starts. Especially for astral projection and learning about the different dimensional bodies.


@anon482649 I really wish I had a particular path to narrow down, but in all honesty I want to study everything at least a little bit so I can get a feel for the landscape (if that makes any sense). I will say Astral projection feels like a natural first step for vampirism, a path that I feel very strongly about pursuing, and I am currently tearing through all of Michael W Fords books which I largely connect with. Hope this helps!

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I’ll pm you


What did you previously practice? Any specific system or tradition?

Hello @darkestknight! So my mom is actually a green witch and a lot of what I “knew” and practiced started there, but I also bounced between different paths like fairy magic (i was 7), and wicca, even reiki which I suppose isn’t technically magic but I could tell that I just wasn’t connecting with any of it, nor did I agree with a lot of their concepts/beliefs, and from there I was really going by pure intuition. Tarot became a constant in my journey as well when I found the Hermetic tarot deck about 8 years ago but I had no idea why I was able to connect with this deck more than others. long story short I was a magical mess


Welcome to our corner of the internet.


Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new and interesting things.

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Welcome to the forum !

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Welcome to BALG :blush:

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