Old Tales

I had always heard that if something ever scared a pregnant woman so bad that it cause her to grab her stomach the child would be marked by the event.

I always dismissed it as ole wives tales. Til it happened. When I was pregnant with my daughter. I was making tea and it slipped and spilled onto my stomach.
Of course scalding hot tea on my stomach made me freak and of course a held my stomach
When my daughter was born she had a mark we commonly call a strawberry on her forehead. Except it was shape just like the spill had been on my stomach.

There was big splash area and then it dripped down and thats exactly how it looked.

You can’t really see it now unless she gets really upset. But it made me a believer.

I could see her having a strawberry alot of people are born with those. But in the exact shape.

Also when I was born …my said for the first couple of months after my birth …I would out of no where just go stiff as a board and scream like I was being stabbed with something.
When I got old enough to play outside and get sun tans she noticed one place on my back up around my shoulder would not tan. It stayed much lighter than the rest of my skin.

So its curious was I stabbed in a previous life :thinking: and somehow carried the memory and scar into this life :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Or is it all coincidence? :face_with_monocle:
What say you? :upside_down_face:

And let’s hear your strange old tales :smile:


I’ve heard betrayal can carry over to the next life.


I can really really believe that. I think that’s what my step dad is someone from a past life who was about the same as he is now. And he isn’t doing anything to fix his miserable existence.


Iteresting that my grandpa was a Baptist preacher yet he would talk about when he was young growing up in alabama and seeing will o wisps

And he always hung a horse shoe over at least one entrance door to his house.
He never let anyone open umbrellas in a house.
And you couldn’t just give him a knife he insisted on paying for it even if it was only a penny.

I think my grandpa secretly liked magick but couldn’t explore that or be open about it in the times he lived. And the place.


I feel like superstition may have some backing to it but to me, I see superstition as a curse. The more fear you give it the more powerful it grows.

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old wives tales, are what christian familys say when they use the craft. Malo Ojo is one I grew up with, that and if a child has a large birthmark its the mark of the devil… I happen to have a very large whale that is visable.

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Yea but I happen to know about that past life and it happens to fit.

I agree my grandpa was supersticious but it’s odd considering the bible preaches against such things.

Like hanging a horse shoe over your door for luck. I think that’s why he generally hung it over the back door. So no one but family would see it.

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I started searching what I was because somehow I was using the Curadera ways of my great great grandmother who held me as baby but I never knew. My strict Catholic mother was against saying anything and then she finally cracked and the confession was amazing. When I first moved away from home I had a several spirits that lived with me… the Lady in the kitchen was a tough broad - I had no clue who she was or what until a family member posted her photo on a page. I am still trying to digest all of this insanity.

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Aww…well now you can search and discover it all :slight_smile:

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Right :earth_americas: in the palms of my hand…

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My family has always talked about that superstition too, but we are old Appalachian stock, the people that had the old Cove Doctor traditions. My own Mother was so scared that I would be born with a forked tongue or tail because she carried me in the Summer in SC, living in a place in the woods, and was constantly being startled by snakes, which terrify her.

I have a 2nd cousin who was born covered in lanugo hair, I believe it’s called. Her Mother was convinced that it was because a mouse ran over her foot while she was pregnant.

Another off and random fact is that extra-numerary roots are common on the molars of everyone in my extended family on my Mother’s side. When I had to have one removed, the Doctor was awestruck. He said he had never seen a tooth with extra roots before, except maybe in a textbook. Maybe a preggers common ancestor was terrified of losing her teeth and so we ended up born with extra roots to hold them in, haha


I know that this is old but there are two lines on my chest where ever since I was a child ( before I was ever introduced to the concept of reincarnation) I knew that it was from being stabbed last time around.

Nice to see others that have carry-over-scars to.

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