Old Programming Changed by Acceptance of New Ideas

= Perceptual shift?

Just had an interesting experience of one of the ways the human mind works. Maybe this has already been discussed somewhere in psychology but it was sort of an epiphany for me.
I was brought up in a culture/society where it is the general custom to rake the leaves from your yard in the late fall or so. That has always seemed like the normal thing to do yes, get those ugly old dead leaves from the yard and bagged to the curb for pick up.


I learned how it is healthier for your yard and the general environment to let Mother Nature do her recycling job which ultimately converts each leaf into “rich hummus”. I also feel like I should mention this all fits in rather well with my lazy attitude towards raking leaves but that’s not the point. :slight_smile:

My point is this;

By suddenly changing my negative view of leaves on the yard to viewing it as something positive and natural I looked out my window a few days later and for the first time in my life noticed how beautiful dead leaves looked in the yard, in their natural winter beauty. This complete perceptual shift was the result of accepting an attitude entirely counter to the programming of my social milieu, and is like in a sense using a different lens on reality, and dare I say a better lens.


Your neighbors must hate you. Make a compost heap.

Yeah, depends on the leaf type and overall humidity but you can end up with a layer of rotting plant matter that’s not as beneficial as you’d think, because it hasn’t composted down yet - this is why some forests have almost bare ground, maybe shrubs and weeds but not healthy lawn or anything.

I’m a VERY reluctant gardener and take most of my tips from observing how English local councils do (and don’t) manage their parks, I figured they probably have things pared down to least effort for maximum results, so that might be something to check where you live?

may be so…

but this is in some way like leaving dust in your room, to generate more antique bookstore feel in the house

i think you should gather leaves around the trees