Old photos ... What do you see?


Looks like a face. Are those clouds?

Reptilian faces

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Honestly I was seeing a similar thing, didn’t seem like a human face. I thought lizard, or frog. Lol

Looks like the side of a skull

I see an alien face. In the first pic its like the alien has his hand below, hanging onto the tree lol.

But then i also see the side of a skull. But i still mainly see an alien face.


I made a Sigil to contact gray aliens … And a face in the sky manifested itself

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Hmm…I’ve had contact (not sure with whom), wouldn’t recommend it.

I would say that was contact.

I did not try again, only that time … And many people saw it, even commented on social networks in my country.

So is this a thread to post pictures you’d like scanned? Or just to comment one the ones already on the thread?

Nice. Nothing like public recognition.

Would someone scan this for me?

This is a bit off the OP’s topic, but that is the Gatekeeper seal of Azazel. Why do you want it scanned?

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Someone told me this is another sigil for Azazel and someone else said it’s not. I haven’t yet developed the senses to understand what’s being communicated to me when evoking so I just wanted to ask. Thank you for confirming for me.

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Yea the faces are super Oviouse the first pic does have a different feel to it but when I scanning it I immediately seen reptillian image with color as well even though that one doesn’t look reptilian campared to the others pics, also nice noticing his hand to the gentle man above it being on the tree didn’t notice that because of the circleing ing. I’ma see if I zoom into the pic if there’s alot of little ones inside of it or not

When I zoomed in there was someorerty large faces that are pretty clear there human in appearence in the top pic a women faceing o the left her head just under the right side of where the link of the green line is, there was Alo a few pretty clear faces in the second picture in the forhead area where it’s has that energy blue