Old ones vs Demonic Gate Keepers?

So I’ve been keeping up with the demonic gatekeeper and Belial but I wanted to know if anyone thinks they have to do with the old ones or the Old ones are just ancient creatures that don’t focus too much on humanity unless called?
That just got me curious.



From what I can tell the answers are, yes, and yes. Just be aware, There are The Old Ones, AND The Outer Gods, there is a difference.

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Okay becuase i fell connected the the course that S. Ben Qayin made and I really want to get it so I’m trying to delve into that world

Demons are generally understood to have been created in the era of this world or one of the two worlds before. The spirits my traditions know as the Old Ones are First Worlders.


When I first started working with Azazel he said that the old ones wanted to work with me but he got to work with me first.

So they do communicate. I think the old ones were first then came the demons, gatekeepers.

Knowing my true, new found godform, I can say this is true.


From my current point of view its more like the relation of octaves on a musical scale. They are of a different octave than the infernal. The question of “who came first” really only applies in the human perspective limited by the dimension of time.

I was working with the Nyarlathotep and Cthulhu up to a point till i hit a progression barrier that result in me getting jacked up for a bit from an excersie they gave me. A bit after that Black magick of arhiman was basically being thrown at me everytime i went online. When i questioned them about it they told me to work with the spirits of that current to as they put it “evolve then come back so you dont melt your brain”. So that is what i am doin.


One of the two worlds before? What do you mean?

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Not Sure if there talking about the poles shifting and the world starting anew. Supposedly this happened 4 times already I believe.

Everytime whipping out the earth in one way or another.

This is a copy of a copy of a copy of other Earth.

Is the same thing always being repeated in each one? If that’s the case, I can see why copies keep being made lol

Each copy is slightly different, made for different reasons, and have different souls incarnate. Fuck. In this one as soulless humans running around with the long dead buman memories, but thats something else.

You know, seeing how it is often said that either Asmodeus or some other Goetic spirits were children of demons and humans (cambions) or “merely” practitioners who became demons… I’ve often wondered if the Old Ones are that. Creatures from a bygone era who reached some sort of deific status by their sheer will.

No idea but I always thought of them as primitive organisms who evolved like that, since some look like giant cells or protozoa. Good question to ask next time when dealing with them aye?

My shamanic tradition teaches an accession of worlds, connected asynchronously and populated with spirits of all sorts. Our current world is something like the fourth or sixth of six or nine worlds in total.

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