Old Friends in danger of being homeless -return to the forum and ask for help

First off, hi, I’m back after a very very long time.

No time for introductions though, as the situation is somewhat urgent. Sorry all for sounding snappy and uptight, but I am faced with a situation that is in need of correction really quickly and the more help from other magicians the better.
To give backstory, a couple of friends of mine (magicians) have essentially been targeted by multiple covens and Psyonic departments of various places and its put them in a situation where they are essentially homeless, starving and downright broken human beings. They’re currently stuck in the middle of Death Valley with no money to get anywhere, and things are going south real fast.

While its against my personal motives to ask for help, and I know no one here has any reason to help us since I’ve been away from the forum for a long time, it would mean a lot to us if anyone could pitch in and help send any kind of entities that might help.
I’m more than willing to go tit for tat, so those that help, if you need help in future with rituals I’ll be more than happy to oblige. But any suggestions for help/help of any kind asap would be greatly appreachiated.

Sorry for putting a damper on the forum with my first post in a while (@Lady_Eva you can reprimand me as you wish :wink:


You did an intro when you joined, no need to do another. :+1:

Post’s fine, not breaking any rules, either. :smiley:

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Well first off in terms of protection if you are familiar with Bardon’s work then his use of the Akasha can make one completely invisible to all lesser magicians no matter how much raw power or numbers they have on their side. So if you or your friends or in position to be able to utilize those skills and quickly get the hang of them then that would rather quickly deal with anyone trying to get at them. Could also use the Akasha to say… hijack the perceptions of any attacks to say instead detect their origin as the target. Other than that building up a strong shield is also advised for when you aren’t using the Akasha to stay hidden or redirect things.

Give me a little time and I can probably design some useful sigil to be employed as well for things.


you want a simple answer?

Teach him the power-word “AumOhmZui”.

It’s a word of creation.

Make him realize,
that he holds value,
that he’s going to give to the comunity.


I’m not joking here.

Make that guy understand,
that there’s always something,
you can do,
to give value back to the people around you.

in itself,
will stop him from being broke and homeless.

other then that,
I don’t really care for such issues anymore.

I’ve delt with homeless persons in my life,
they’re often not willing to reach out,
and grasp something that’s worth it.




about that magickal threads,
that’s a completely different story.

Yes, it’s true,
some magicians get attacked for holding view points to drastically away from regular public mindset.

Could you go on,
and expand a little bit,
on the situation there?



Wow. And wow.
Also. How do you stay hidden in the akasha ?

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Effectively the way Bardon describes it is by drawing down the energy to engulf your mental body to render you invisible. Not technically suppose to work on astral or physical levels but if you read between the lines and get the understanding of how the levels relate to each other it is a simple extension to turn the mental invisibility to astral invisibility. I find it easiest however to do it as if I am putting a cause I want manifested in and declaring myself to be invisible and picture my image being erased from existence until I am done. The specific details will vary by person once the base technique for entering that state is achieved. Takes some practice but well worth the effort.

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Oh. I see. Thank you

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Am I missing something? :smiley:

First of all, a huge nervous British thank you to all of you :slight_smile: to try and summarise the replies:

They’re genrally quite familiar with akasha, so I don’t fully know why they’re not using it, but if I had to guess I’d say they’re constantly on the move, so best case scenario they are getting into a light trace in the car, while on tbe road, which isn’t ideal for anything “big” or compelx astrally, but I’ll certainly look into and see if I can do anything on my end.

I don’t know why they’re being targeted so much, but I know the guy has a history of it, something to do with the whole “targeted individuals” thing, and everything is kinda falling apart for them in classic “hex” or “curse” fashion. Car breaking down, family dying, getting a job only to have the practice’s buisness liscence revoked, you know the story…


(From an all out aussie sheila-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Why dont they break the attack /s off. Do full on auric cleansing and seek daemon guidance?
First thing i do is shake out my aura as i walk or throw a pinch of salt over my left shoulder or shower it out.
Unless the have a attachment from lower vibrational entities or possession even partially

I’m guessing there’s more going on than they’re letting on (don’t wanna worry me I guess), so I’m working under the assumption that at this point in time, any personal work is pretty much out of the question for them. But I have some avenues to go down, so things should turn around soon with any luck (and a whole lot of demonic energy of course :wink:

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Why don’t you just remote view them an ask daemons whats really going on… do some divination. Perhaps you really can’t help or they don’t want help??? Why would they be so secretive?

The problem I see here is that no matter what we do they need to also do something about it. I can send protection, do a cleansing, blessing, shielding to apply a base for them to work on but they need to keep up at it. No one will work daily on their behalf while they’re doing nothing to help their situation. You don’t need to do any “huge ritual”, just do enough to work in the astral.

How convenient. There isn’t but so much you can do to a single person or family. I don’t understand why it would take so many people to ruin his life.

Your friend must be someone special. I wouldn’t be so worried about them.