This greek word as i found out brings massive power-opening to the svadhisthana chakra.It means ‘‘ocean’’ in english and i used it as a mantra to see if it’ll work any kind of results

I realize that this this chakra has indeed a relationship with water and all this stuff about chakras and elemental associations are very real and not just hindu bulshit.

VAM mantra works quite well,but OKEANOS was five times more powerful.

You can hear the pronunciation here.

“Okeanos I call, whose nature ever flows, from whom at first both Gods and men arose.
Sire incorruptible, whose waves surround, and earth’s concluding mighty circle bound.
Hence every river, hence the spreading sea, and earth’s pure bubbling fountains spring from thee.
Hear, mighty fire, for boundless bliss is thine, whose waters purify the powers divine.
Earth’s friendly limit, fountain of the pole, whose waves wide spreading and circumfluent roll.
Approach benevolent, with placid mind, and be for ever to thy mystics kind.”

invocation to Okeanos :). Hes the most powerful elemental God. Ancient Greek chanted his name duringHenosis(in literal translation meansconnectionbut it refers todeep meditation, trance).