Okay, so I'm feeling a little down

Without going into detail, its the “How do I form relationships when I’m autistic” thing. I want to hear other people’s experiences.

Anyone who’s dealt with the autism struggle, or any struggle that has impacted your ability to form and maintain relationships, I’d like for you to share your experiences.
What occult practice has helped you overcome and how?
What book or books did you use, and did you do anything outside of those books?
What exercises did you do?
What deity or spirit did you call upon?
What rituals did you utilize?
How did you prepare for the ritual?
What philosophies did you utilize, even non-magical ones?
What trials or obstacles did you face along the way?
What did you experience?
Did you need to supplement any non-occult reading or practices and what did you use?
Did you go to any social events or get involved with any social communities? School clubs, bdsm groups, local theater, social venues like bars or clubs?
What were the fruits of your labor and how did you feel about it?
Please be as detailed as you can. If you can recall any ingredients used, please list them.

I want to hear of your experiences.


I’m not going to give you an experience but what do you mean by “form relationships”? All you need to do is stop letting your autism hold you back. So what if you’re autistic? So what?

I practiced Vipassana - anapanassati type meditation and practiced conscious- slow and relaxed conscious doing-talking. This helped me the most. The most important thing is U have to be aware of the glitches- feeling sensations U experience when trying to interact socially but fail.

There is a lot of meaning of the work karma but one is anything that stops flow/ perfect performance in any given situation. U have 2 be aware of those and how it feels and feeling is a basis/indicator of blockages . Once U R aware of that U can work on those. Other than that U can work with Raphael or Hanuman to heal ur autism and also work with Any mercurian spirit to improve ur social skill.

ALso try to mimic some one who is goood in social skills . UR subconscious doesn’t know the differnce between mimic and real so it will start to register as real behavior patteren, and after some time it will concertize as real.

I always likes the English Gentleman Archetype who is gracious and never looses his cool, and trying 2 mimic that has helped me.

I was worse than autistic, over 100% retarded but I thing worked for me that is, I knew that I was flawed/ ill and that is 90% of cure.

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When you say relationships, do you mean romantic, friendships or what?

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When U R retarded , u can’t have any. Personal Experience.

I was talking to Dave xD

Oh, lol. Looks like I have pissed U for Some reason. SORRY.

You haven’t though. No need to apologize.

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I mean, I just sort of stopped worrying about being on the spectrum. And if I ever got confused about some social norm, I’d just ask someone about it.

This must be you when you get a very excitable…quiet on the outside: