Okay i need advice

Hey so my ex got ahold of me today. She wants money, which i have none at this time nor am i thrilled to give her as she will use it to move down to cali with the dude she was cheating on me with… ive binded her to me using my own created sigil which i keep open. Its got her hair, my hair… lots and lots of jizz… She’ll always run to me for help, ive made her comfortable as for the first time in my life i didnt flip the fuck out on her for her spiteful acts. Her lies i called her out on and her acting emotionless towards me. I stayed quiet and let the bitch be. When she asked me how i was i told her i was great as im feeling fueled intensely towards my occult agenda and finially have my own quiet space. Here i am happy and she sits there stressed asking for help. Ok im loving that, but what i really want is for her to join me in the infernal empire. I dont care if shes “in a relationship with me” or anyone else. to me but i know she is a powerhouse of energy she dosent know what to do with and these forces need her. My agenda isnt having her as my mate for life or any stupid limited concept like that. I want her in this magick cause she would bring a lot of good to the table of the left hand path. I want her as a partner in these works. Not moving in with some little fuckbitch and throwing her life away. Idk this is my situation. What would you do? Ive been mediating every day. But idk i need some ideas im not seeing here.


Send her power dreams of working with demons pick a easy one she resonate with ask it go call her into fold


Why waste your time on someone that cheated on you and clearly is not worthy of your time? Should you not seek other person more deserving of your time and energy?


I feel that she is not worthy of my time as well, she is indeed a thorn in my ass when i give her the time of day. Ive grown attached to her spending several years with her. I just know she would benefit from forbidden knowledge alot as she carries a high vibration of energy wherever she goes, its just all that energy is expelled into complete chaos. Idk why i care, i feel like her grandmother has been a big influence on her behavior, that bitch made my life a living hell. I despise her grandmother and for the most part always have. Ex and i were great until we moved in with her grandmother. Fuck it tho your right why waste my time? I have more important things to do anyways. I want revenge tho, i want that bitch crying at my feet telling me how bad she fucked up. I look thru what i wrote and can see the chaos has rubbed off on me. Where then should i direct this energy as i feel ive come to a crossroad. What do u think my most beneficial Im action would be.

Ahh yes, nothing better than manipulative, psychic attuning! So don’t bind her to you because you’ll get over her running to you each time, only being validated as the “provider”, even if that’s you hearing her problems.

Tell her straight up, your energy fucks with the LHP. Inform her on all of it, it’s worth the shot. I’ve done it to others, of both sexes, relationship or not. Some ran, some allowed the seed that was already in their brain, to finally grow.

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I’m unsure; you’re basically the equivalent of a domineering ex except more psychic-inclined than worldly/physically.

The idea of forgiveness is that it not only puts you at rest but it helps seal up the grudge that can cause a great deal of pain. It doesn’t matter now how things ended, or her grandmother… that shit is over. If you don’t recover from the grudge, it will always bleed! Trust me!

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Cut every cord from her and do a MAJOR energy clearing (cleaning). Ground your energy too. Put a mirror yourself a foot around entire body and then starting from there 25 feet out.

Blacken your chakras if you want too.

I do extremely powerful short mantra of: ‘whats yours is yours and what is mine is mine.’ Dump all of her shit energy back to her and get all of yours from her. I would say forgive her completely and release her.

Dont dwell on getting back at her. Let the universe take care of it. Being anrgy only makes your own energy down.


Awesome! Thank you all, i appreciate the input and have recieved the answers i seeked from all of you. Like a big weight lifted off my chest. I will forgive, inform, and release the attachment.

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