Ok, Which one of you stole the brain?

Come on now guys that’s not funny…Its FUCKING HILARIOUSLY FUNNY! :laughing:

I saw this in Supernatural lol

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I love that show, forgive the pun but I used to watch it religiously. I haven’t seen any recent seasons since 10.


I lost it at “if the body gets up and speaks in dark forgotten tongues” lol.

Let’s talk about this.

If you were going to steal something for ransom, you would think it might be something a little less, well, fucking weird? Like a painting, or a vase, or a toddler…not a 150 year old brain of an anointed pederast.

So, on to option number two, according to them: Satanic ritual. I don’t really do those, at least not incorporating dead guy grey matter, so maybe someone could enlighten me. Is there any practical use for a 150 year old dead guy’s brain chunk in any workings?

Option three: someone drank too much and thought it would be amusing to defile a holy relic out of some base, ego and liquor fueled motivation towards stupidity. I just have a hunch :wink:


I was rolling when he said that. Also I agree that it was a drunken prank pulled by college guys on European vacation. But now they are sitting in their dorm room with a saints brain in a jar being used as a paper weight.

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My hopes are that whoever has it keeps it hidden until he is 95 years old and bat shit senile, and then busts it out in the nursing home, traumatizing the staff.

At the cafeteria -“Wanna trade for your pudding?”

During an exam - “Hey doc, I think I figured out why my memory is shot”

While grandkids are visiting - “Touch it. TOUCH IT.”

Better yet, he could just leave it in a box in his attic for the great grandkids to find. They would think he was a serial killer.

You really could have fun with a bit of brains.